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Shake Shack Job Application Online

Looking for a high-end restaurant job that offers great pay and flexible scheduling? Well, you will be delighted to know that Shake Shack is hiring! Established in 2004, it was within a very short span of time that the first Shake Shack outlet in Madison Square Park expanded to almost 12 restaurants locations at different parts of the world, with 7 in the New York City. New employees are constantly hired at Shake Shack. To apply for employment at Shake Shack, you can download, fill up and print the Shake Shack job application form and submit it in person to the nearest Shake Shack store.

Shake Shack Jobs Available

Shake Shack has foodservice job opportunities for beginners, intermediates as well as professionals. The jobs available at Shake Shack include: team member, line cook, prep cook, cashier, assistant restaurant manager and general restaurant manager. Applications for team member positions and managerial posts are often invited by the Shake Shack hiring management.

Minimum Employment Age At Shake Shack:

18 years is the minimal age to get employment consideration from Shake Shack.

Shake Shack Store Hours

Shake Shack stores remain open on all days. The working hours are from 10.45 AM to 11.00 PM.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Shake Shack

To any individual looking for a restaurant job with flexible scheduling and competitive pay, Shake Shack makes an ideal employment firm. Career opportunities at Shake Shack are sought after by thousands of job seekers around the world. Therefore, while filling up your Shake Shack job application, you need to ensure that your application has a competitive edge over other applications. To know how you can transform your Shake Shack job application form into a striking, impressive resume, please go through our free report 7 Secrets to Getting Hired. Remember to fill all required fields in your Shake Shack application form. Adding precise details like preference of store location and working hours will do well in strengthening your chances of getting hired at Shake Shack.

Most Common Positions At Shake Shack & Income Information

At Shake Shack, the most common job positions are those of the team members and restaurant managers. Shake Shack also hires employees for corporate offices and maintenance wing. Entry level team members are required to carry out efficient functioning of the shop by assisting customers, taking orders, preparing food and delivering orders. Managers at Shake Shack supervise daily work and ensure that the team members are on task. Wages and benefits for Shake Shack employees vary with the job designation, experiences and qualifications. Nevertheless, Shake Shack offers competitive pay rates to its employees.

Shake Shack Benefits

Being able to begin your restaurant career with Shake Shack is a benefit in itself, for Shake Shack is one of those restaurant employers who consider their employees as assets. Apart from great pay and flexible work schedule, Shake Shack offers a number of benefits to its employees. These include paid training, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off and more.

All the best to your Shake Shack job application!

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