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Smokes Poutinerie Application – Apply Online At Smokes Poutinerie Today

Smokes Poutinerie was established in the year 2008 in Toronto and this chain of restaurants is much loved for its exclusive poutine menu. The restaurant concept is quite and if you thought that there’s only so much variety to poutine then let their vibrant menu amaze you. There over 30 menu items available for clients and what’s even more exciting is that you can actually create your very own menu. Whether you are vegan or a meat lover, Smokes Poutinerie has a wide variety of meals that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you full yet craving for more. The restaurants have developed into one of the most respected eateries and there are several chains of the restaurant spread across Canada in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia just to mention a few. Looking for employment? Have a look at Smokes Poutinerie online application for employment.

Smokes Poutinerie Jobs Available

Having several restaurants spread across the country, Smokes Poutinerie has employed hundreds and they are an equal opportunity employer. The restaurant chain does not have a Smokes Poutinerie application form but you can apply for published job opportunities using the email address they have enlisted in their contact page.

Minimum Employment Age at Smokes Poutinerie

You need to be of minimum working age in order to be considered for a job at a Smokes Poutinerie restaurant. You may have to approach the restaurant in person as there is no Smokes Poutinerie job application online form.

Smokes Poutinerie Store Hours

The restaurants opening and closing hours differ and you can use their online store locator to find out the operating hours for a Smoke Poutinerie near you.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Smokes Poutinerie

  • Though there is no Smokes Poutinerie online application, this doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for a job online. If a job is advertised, you can send an online application to their jobs email address or locate a nearest restaurant and send your application in person.
  • When applying for the job in person, you will be asked to fill a Smokes Poutinerie job application form and leave it with the manager for perusal.
  • If you do email your application, be sure to introduce yourself to the manager as follow up.

Most Common Positions at Smokes Poutinerie & Income Information

Smokes Poutinerie job application is quite straightforward and depending on the kind of job you are looking for, you could be taken through a series of interviews. The chain of restaurants has various positions open and this range from restaurant supervisor, chef/cook, restaurant manager, chain manager, accountant and cashier to servers. The restaurants provide a good work environment and employees are well compensated for their efforts.

Smokes Poutinerie Benefits

A Smokes Poutinerie application not only gives you a chance to be a part of this great chain of restaurants but also comes with various benefits especially for full-time employees. Some of the popular benefits that come with employment in these restaurants include: health insurance, dental insurance, sick leave, life insurance, generous remuneration and much more. While part-time employees don’t enjoy some of these benefits, they are well paid and get to work in a great environment. Since employees are trained, you could add value to your resume and even qualify for a promotion.

Smokes Poutinerie Application Career.



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