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Spangles Application – Apply Online At Spangles Today

Spangles Job Application Online

Spangles is a fantastic 1950s themed restaurant, with many dine in and drive through branches throughout the country. If you would like a job at this great establishment, you can apply online by filling out a Spangles job application form at the following link:

Once you have completed the Spangles application form, you can drop it off at your local restaurant.

Spangles Jobs Available

Spangles has a range of jobs available, suitable for college students, fresh graduates, or professionals looking for a management opportunity. The positions available are:

Cook, Dishwasher, Waiter, Waitress, Host, Hostess, Busser, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

If you think any of these jobs could be for you, then you should visit the Spangles Career website by clicking on the link above, and complete a Spangles online application for employment.

Minimum Employment Age At Spangles:

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Spangles. You should therefore only complete a Spangles online application if you are 16 or older.

Spangles Store Hours

Store hours vary according to location – contact your local Spangles to find out their store opening hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Spangles

Working at Spangles means working in a fast-paced, active and most importantly, fun environment. It’s a great place to work, whether you are wanting to start a long term career in the restaurant industry, or just want a temporary job to make some extra cash in your vacation. Either way, you can apply for your dream job at Spangles by filling in a Spangles job application and taking it to your closest Spangles branch.

When filling out the Spangles application, there are a few hints you should take note of in order to maximize your chances of being hired. First and foremost, you should fill in the entire form carefully and honestly. It’s not worth lying on your resume to make yourself seem more experienced than you really are, as employers are sure to see the truth as soon as you start working. Rather be honest and allow your employers to train you into being a fantastic restaurant employee!

Also remember to sign your application once it is complete. Finally, check through your Spangles job application form completely for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Most Common Positions At Spangles & Income Information

Line Cook – $7 / hour

Server – $8 / hour

Assistant Manager – $20, 000 / year

Breakfast Manager – $35, 000 / year

Crew Member – $15, 000 / year

Spangles Benefits

Spangles offers it’s employees a number of benefits, including:

Health insurance, including family cover and a dental plan, paid vacations and sick leave, attainable quarterly bonuses for managers,training program to allow crew members to advance to management positions, flexible hours, a health life/work balance, good opportunities for growth, advancement and promotions.

Spangles is a perfect place for college students to work, as it allows students to work around their schedule, with flexible hours and flexible shifts.

So if you are wanting a fun-filled job in a trendy themed restaurant, if you love the 1950s, or just want to make some extra money in your school vacation, then Spangles is the place for you. Fill in a Spangles online application today!

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