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Subway Job Application Online

Subway’s easy-to-use website features a “Careers” tab, where you’ll find information about the individual job types (regional headquarters as well as individual restaurants), search for specific job openings close to you, and even turn in your Subway application online.  At the top of the Subway home page, select “Careers;” The Career tab will serve up all the information you’ll need regarding your own career options.  You can select from the listed positions to open a Subway online application for that position, complete with information about the job requirements, responsibilities, and hours.

You can print out the Subway Job Application Form Here: Subway Application

Minimum Employment Age At Subway: 16

Subway Store Hours

Search for individual stores open in your geographical area by using the “find a store” tab at the top of the Subway website; you select a particular store, you can find out the operational hours and other details about the restaurants near you.  Many Subway restaurants open around seven in the morning (to serve breakfast) and stay open until ten or eleven at night, although individual locations may stay open later, or even around the clock.  As you contemplate your Subway job application, you’ll want to check the specifics of your own local stores.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Subway

The Subway careers application in the “Careers” tab enables you to search positions by geographical area as well as job-type.

Whenever you select a specific position, you can complete the application online, or send the link via email.  Instead of applying right away for a job, look over the various available options, sending the likely possibilities to your own email account.

Reviewing the jobs you’ve sent to yourself, think about which positions you are most qualified to fill.

Read through the website to familiarize you with the services, products, and corporate principles of Subway before filling out your Subway application.

Once you’ve looked at the options available, fill out a Subway job application form online for all of the jobs you’re qualified to fill.

Be sure you complete the Subway online job application with attention to detail, including all the requested information.

Think through the information about your skills, your education, your work experience, and yourself which will be relevant in your Subway employment application, and include all the important information.
Proof your Subway applications (or ask an acquaintance to review them with a “fresh set of eyes”) to ensure you’ve presented yourself as well as possible, with complete information and correct spelling.

Most Common Positions At Subway & Income Information

The most regularly available positions at Subway are the “Sandwich Artist” and Restaurant Manager.  Additional positions and career opportunities are available at corporate headquarters, or in franchising opportunities in your geographical area.  Managers are generally expected to direct the day-to-day operations of a particular restaurant, including oversight of cash flow, cleanliness, and customer service.  The Sandwich Artists are trained to assemble the wide variety of meals on the menu, and to provide efficient and friendly customer service.  Headquarters-based jobs include Trainers, Food Scientists, Marketing Specialists, and a variety of other positions.

Positions in sales begin at minimum-wage pay, and you’ll have the prospect of advancing in your career as you gain knowledge and experience.

Subway Benefits

Subway offers one of the most comprehensive range of benefit options for its workers in the fast food industry. These benefits include  health insurance, disability, life insurance, dental and vision plans, retirement 401(k) with employer matching, meal discounts, free meals while on the clock, and paid vacation.  Even part-time workers may be eligible for some of these options, with eligibility requirements varying among franchises.   All things considered, submitting Subway application form will put you in position to enjoy secure prospects for your future.

Helpful Things To Know About Subway

Subway considers itself a leader in Nutritional education, prioritizing the offering of healthy options to families dining out.  Their commitment to Environmental Leadership includes an emphasis on sustainable sourcing.  With its philosophy of Social Responsibility, the corporation also prides itself on taking good care of its employees, so when you complete your Subway application form, you’ll know you’re signing on with an employer that looks out for its employees.  Among the unusual benefits which you might consider in completing your application for Subway, the company offers weight-loss programs to employees wishing to improve their health.

Subway History And Trivia

  • Subway has more than thirty-five thousand stores in ninety-nine countries.
  • Subway first opened in 1965 as a single “submarine sandwich” deli in Bridgeport CT, owned by Fred DeLuca, who opened the shop hoping to finance his own education.
  • Subway franchises are currently responsible for more than 300,000 jobs around the world.
  • Jared, a now-famous Subway spokesman, truly did lose 245 pounds on a diet of nothing-but Subway sandwiches—and he did that on his own, not as marketing gimmick for the company.  Subway learned his story later, and added him to their marketing team.
  • At a rate of 2,800 sandwiches sold every minute, a year’s worth of Subway sandwiches, if placed end to end, would wrap around the Earth more than six times!
  • Because each sandwich is custom-made for the individual who orders it, any type of dietary need can be accommodated.  It’s regular practice, for example, to substitute meats for Hindu patrons who don’t eat beef, or Muslim diners who don’t eat pork.
  • To make healthy eating a snap, Subway also offers its “Fresh Fit” menu options, making it easy for diners to choose among the healthiest offerings.
  • In addition to its in-house and take-out dining options, Subway offers catering services, featuring party platters and the giant six-foot sub.
  • Subway doesn’t operate with publicly owned stock, but offers franchising opportunities to individuals who want to open a Subway restaurant in their own town.
  • In addition to the expected marketing and training staff, Subway employs food scientists to help ensure the nutritional value of offered Subway foods.

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Good luck with your Subway Application!

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