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Taco Time Job Application Online

There’s no time like the present to apply for a job!  At this time, Taco Time does not provide an online, printable job application form. In order to file a Taco Time job application, simply contact the company at their website listed below:


Minimum Employment Age At Taco Time

If you want to work at Taco Time, the minimum employment age  is 15 years old.

Taco Time Store Hours

Normally, Taco Time is open at 11am to 11pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Taco Time

We advise that you fill out a Taco Time application form through the company website. Taco Time applications may be submitted online, but don’t let your job search end there.  Go to the restaurant, where you can speak directly with the people who are in a position to hire you. Simply filling out Taco Time application online is not enough.  You need to follow up with some personal contact as well.  Take your job application for Taco Time seriously and they will take you seriously, too.

Most Common Positions At Taco Time & Income Information

The most common positions available at Taco Time are:  Team Member, Cook, Cashier, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, and Restaurant Manager.  Team member is the most commonly filled job for new applicants, and it provides a jack-of-all trades experience for many.  There is constant work in a fast food restaurant, which can result in gaining a lot of experience in very little time.  If you are fun-loving and active, this environment could suit you well.

The starting wage for most team member positions is minimum wage, unless you have prior work experience, in which case you may be eligible for a slightly higher wage.    Other positions like cook and shift manager are not out of reach.  These and other positions do require previous work experience but may be gradually aspired to with long enough time with the company and an excellent work record.

Taco Time Benefits

Taco Time offers flexible scheduling, on –the-job training, merit raises, meal perks, uniforms, name badges, and more.  Taco Time is among the few if not the only fast food employer available to students aged 15 years.  Working in a fast food environment is a great opportunity to acquire customer service training.  With good people skills, your career opportunities will only widen.  For entry level employees, that means you are being paid while you learn.

Most medical benefits come with full-time job positions.  Contact your Taco Time supervisor for more information on what benefits are available for the position of your choice.

Taco Time began in 1963 with the focus on fresh, healthy Mexican style fast food in the Pacific Northwest.  Restaurant operations began in Washington State and have expanded to Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Utah, Nevada, and as far north as Alaska!  The firm has the intention of expanding internationally as well.  Those who are friendly and hard working employees would do well to apply.  You must only be 15 years to apply.  By presenting yourself fairly and positively, you stand an excellent chance of being considered for employment.

Since its inception, many of the menu offerings have remained the same.  The company believes in the simple formula of quality tacos, good service, and cleanliness.

Besides the operation of individual stores and restaurants, Taco Time employees may apply for positions at the Kahala Franchise Support Headquarters at Scottsdale, Arizona.  Some, but not all, of these positions may require education and experience.  Apply online today, because if you love delicious tacos and a tasty career path, it can always be Taco Time!


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