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Tacos El Unico Application – Apply Online At Tacos El Unico Today


Tacos El Unico Job Application Online

At this time, Tacos El Unico does not provide an online job application to print out and fill in.  Instead, kindly click on the company’s website listed below. There, you will find what job openings are available at any of the nine locations in the Los Angeles area:


Minimum Employment Age At Tacos El Unico

The minimum employment age at Tacos El Unico is 16 years old.

Tacos El Unico Store Hours

Every Day, from 9 am – 8 pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tacos El Unico

We advise that you to fill out a Tacos El Unico application form through the company website. Tacos El Unico applications may be submitted online, then go to the restaurant, where you can speak directly with the people who are in position to hire you. Simply filling out Tacos El Unico application online is not enough.  You need to follow up with some personal contact as well.  Take your job application for Tacos El Unico seriously and they will take you seriously, too!

Most Common Positions At Tacos El Unico & Income Information

Cashier, Team member, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager

Cashier and Prep Cook positions are usually filled by entry-level employees at minimum wage or slightly above.  If you have 16 years of age or more, you have nothing to lose by filling out an online job application today.  Those with managerial experience may apply for an assistant manager or general manager position, with salaries generally starting out at $20,000 / year and upwards.  If you like to cook, there are Line Cook positions available with experience in the kitchen and a good attitude.  Be sure to mention this in your interview.  The first step is to apply online, and then follow up at a Tacos El Unico near you.

Tacos El Unico Benefits

Benefit information is not available on the company’s website.  Most fast food employers reserve medical benefits for full-time staff employees only.  Part-time employees will receive paid, on the job work experience, flexible scheduling and an opportunity to move up in the business with a good work, trust, and experience.

Full-time employees may be eligible for health benefits.   When you are called in for an interview, discuss the possible benefit options with your store manager.  Most part time employees receive flexible scheduling to accommodate school schedules.  There may be other benefits so ask.

Tacos El Unico has a great reputation in the Los Angeles area.  With its humble beginnings and reputation for quality, the firm has its roots in pride and family values.  Economical and delicious, it provides a creative alternative to the classic fast food options.  Since the early days in 1981 when the business operated out of a catering truck, they’ve been providing delicious south of the border specialties at a bare bones cost.  A family based business; your hard work won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  In only 30 years, the restaurant has grown to nine locations in the Los Angeles basin and is expected to expand further in the future.

You, plus a Tacos El Unico online job application is a perfect match, if you love delicious fresh Mexican food and have a friendly, hard-working nature.

If you are entrepreneurial by nature, you may learn all the jobs and someday become a restaurant manager. Because the company is still young, all its workers will eventually be pioneers of this rapidly growing food service company.  By joining this humble start-up, you will jump start your future potential as a fast food executive who got involved in the good old days.

Contact Tacos El Unico online and file a Taco’s El Unico online application for employment to learn how to make tacos out of hamburger.


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