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Wendy’s is a national quick service restaurant that prides itself on making  delicious food fast. Wendy’s specialties include burgers, fries, salads, baked potatoes, chili and more. The Wendy’s corporate website describes the company’s commitment to quality. The motto is “quality is our recipe”.

For those who enjoy customer service and want to learn about the restaurant industry, Wendy’s may be an ideal employer, as you will be working with customers and other team members who share your interests.

Wendy’s is a large company that employs thousands of people across the country. There are always openings for positions at all levels, primarily entry-level positions, though there are also full-time jobs for managers and assistant managers in the restaurant locations. There are also all kinds of business-related and administrative positions available at corporate headquarters.

The Wendy’s company boasts more than 6,500 franchise and corporate restaurants in the United States and 29 other countries and U.S. territories globally.

Wendy’s prides itself on providing a progressive corporate culture for individuals who are honest, responsible, reliable and enthusiastic about being part of the Wendy’s team. In return, Wendy’s gives employees an opportunity for on the job training, skill development and career growth.

Types of job opportunities available at Wendy’s

Wendy’s hires for store positions as well as positions at its corporate head office in Dublin, Ohio.

Crew positions in stores include cashier, cook, crew chief, manager, and assistant manager. The positions of cashier and cook are considered entry-level and can be a starting point for your career with Wendy’s. The company has a policy of hiring from within and thus there are many opportunities for advancement. If you have specific knowledge or experience in the quick service restaurant industry, you will have an advantage, and you may also be considered for the non-entry level positions. If you can demonstrate that you are conscientious, responsible and reliable, your Wendy’s online job application will also be looked upon favorably.

Those applying online to be crew members at Wendy’s are hired to be either a friendly first point of contact for customers as they enter Wendy’s and begin their dining experience, or back of the house team members who ensure that the product that customers experience at Wendy’s is of the highest quality.

Cashier crew members are hired for their ability to answer questions and communicate with restaurant guests, work as part of the store team, and sell the restaurant’s offerings.

Individuals applying to be crew chiefs or assistant managers at Wendy’s must have experience working in a quick service restaurant environment, preferably with management or leadership experience. An individual must demonstrate his or her skills on an application as well as in any interview. He or she must have a track record of increasing responsibility in any previous positions.

Management candidates who apply using a Wendy’s online job application must demonstrate management and leadership skills and experience.

At Wendy’s, there are management opportunities within each department as well as for the whole store. Wendy’s Company often hires managers from within the corporation, but there are sometimes manager positions advertised to the public. If you have a passion for customer service, quality and food, this is a bonus for the company.

Managers at Wendy’s earn a competitive salary and as full-time employees, have access to health benefits, paid vacation, holiday pay, financial planning incentives, employee assistance plans, restaurant benefits and discounts and more.

Management salaries fall within a range that is based on responsibility, experience, and geographic area. Some locations in cities with a higher cost of living may offer their managers higher wages than stores in smaller cities with a lower and more affordable cost of living (i.e. New York City vs. DesMoines, Iowa).

The salary range for managers starts around $35,000 for new managers to $80,000 for experienced general managers in in large cities.

There are also a number of positions available at the corporate head office. These include a range of business and administrative positions starting from administrative assistant and file clerk, to buyer and merchandiser to marketing and human resources, to logistics and accounting. Salaries are commensurate with role, responsibility, experience, skill and performance.

Tips for applying for a position at Wendy’s

The Wendy’s Company hiring process is systematic and thorough. Whether you apply for a position through an online job application or you pick up a hard copy of the application at your local store, preparation will be the key to being successful in getting hired.

If you want to apply efficiently and easily, an online job application may be your best bet. You can apply from home, take your time with the application, and submit it at your convenience, no matter the time of day. You can find the application at Wendys.com by clicking the ‘careers’ tab in the top right hand corner.

On the online job application, as in the hard copy version, you will be required to provide information about your schooling and education, your previous employment and your skills and qualifications. Your application is likely the first impression that the person in charge of hiring will have of you. This means it is important to ensure the online job application is complete, correct, and that it demonstrates your achievements in your personal and professional life, if (and only if) these are relevant to the position. 

Tips for making a good first impression with your job application:

Use your spellcheck

Don’t trust your spellcheck as your only proofreader; proofread!

If submitting a hard copy application, make sure it is crisp and clean; avoid staining, crumpling or smudging your application.

After your Wendy’s online job application has been received and you have been selected as a potential candidate, you will be contacted and asked to attend an in-store interview at a specific time. Before your interview appointment, study the company website and visit the store to learn as much as you can about the store, the staff, the menu and more. When you go to the interview, find appropriate moments in the conversation to demonstrate your knowledge of the company. You will be showing initiative and enthusiasm.

Benefits of working at Wendy’s

Wendy’s offers its employees a benefits package that is competitive with other multinational quick service burger restaurants. Full-time employees will have a package of health insurance available to them in the United States. Retirement plans, and paid vacation are also available. All employees enjoy an employee discount and other incentives.

Key facts about Wendy’s Company

Wendy’s is a publicly traded company

Wendy’s was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohios

Other brands under the Wendy’s Company umbrella include Tim Hortons and Arby’s

Wendy’s is currently undergoing a ‘brand transformation’ to re-energize the customer experience.

Transformed Wendy’s stores now offer digital menu boards, wifi, flat-screen TVs, lounge chairs, fireplaces and more.

The Wendy’s Company believes in giving back: Founder Dave Thomas was adopted as a child and many of the company’s corporate giving initiatives focus on giving to children, more specifically on helping children find their forever homes. Wendy’s has several giving programs most of which are described on the company website.

Find out more about applying to Wendy’s with an online job application and get started on your quick service restaurant career at your convenience.

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