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You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Carvel and have never indulged in their soft serve ice-cream, all ice cream cakes, novelties and fountain ice cream items. With over 500 Carvel stores across the US and worldwide and 8,500 supermarkets selling their retail ice-cream, Carvel represents the all-American dream with the most of all-American foods. The Carvel story began in 1934 when an humble man, wrongly diagnosed with fatal Tuberculosis fled to the country air of Westchester and began selling soft serve ice-cream from the back of his truck. He just didn’t know at the time how popular he would become in less than 10 years. In 1947, he began marketing his ice-cream with the technique we now call franchising. Carvel is also the first ever retailer to develop and serve soft ice-cream. Although Carvel has been making fresh ice-cream since 75 years now and is one of the most-beloved and recognized names in the industry, it continues to grow everyday with just a little more determination to achieve its one and only goal: MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY. If you are inspired with the Carvel story and want to play a role in this tale of success and triumph, just send in your Carvel online application for employment to join their team and grow with them.

Carvel Jobs Available

You may submit a Carvel application form for any of the following positions: Team Member, Shift Manager, Cake Decorator, Manager, Assistant Manager,

Minimum Employment Age at Carvel

The Carvel job application online is available to applicants of sixteen years of age or older.

Carvel Store Hours

Carvel stores operate during the following timings: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-9:00pm

Important Tips to Apply Online With Carvel

  • Use the Find a Carvel link at the top of the website to look for the location nearest to you. Walk in the store and ask them if they are hiring. Send them their Carvel online application highlighting all your qualifications and skills that can be helpful to them.
  • After you submit the Carvel job application form, a manager will call you for an interview. Make sure to dress nicely and appropriately and be prepared for interview questions. Make sure you read about the corporate culture and about the brand’s history in detail.

Most Common Positions at Carvel & Income Information

The Carvel job application is mostly available for entry-level positions. For that a person only needs to be 16 years of age. Entry-level positions include the job of a team member who is responsible for serving customers. The entry-level position will help you gain lots of customer service experience that will give your resume the sustenance it needs. You also get a very competitive base pay for entry-level positions as well as a great chance to advance to a shift leader or store manager, which will give a generous salary package.

Carvel Benefits

A secure career in the food service industry is just a Carvel application away! Once you are promoted to the managerial positions, you get a very generous salary package among other employment perks, which include retirement plans, healthcare coverage, tuition reimbursement, paid vacations, and disability coverage. So if you want to make a career like Tom Carvel made 75 years back, just send in your application and secure an employment in your favorite Carvel store!

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