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FreshBerry Yogurt Application – Apply Online At FreshBerry Yogurt Today

FreshBerry Yogurt Job Application Online

If you’ve got a true passion for people and could see yourself going far in the food service industry, the FreshBerry Yogurt online application for employment could be your golden ticket. It was back in 2006 that the founder of FreshBerry decided that the time had come to launch a business that offered healthy alternatives to the mainstream desserts available across the streets and sidewalks of the US. The FreshBerry brand was born and immediately became a huge hit, spreading across the country and developing a reputation for going above and beyond the norm in every way. Still growing, FreshBerry always needs fresh faces to keep things moving in the right direction, so if a dynamic and rewarding career sounds up your street, apply today and see where your determination can take you.

FreshBerry Yogurt Jobs Available

You may submit a FreshBerry Yogurt application form for any of the following positions: Cashier, Team Member, Shift Supervisor, Team Leader, Server, Manager, Assistant Manager and more.

Minimum Employment Age at FreshBerry Yogurt

The FreshBerry Yogurt job application online is available to applicants of 16 years or older.

FreshBerry Yogurt Store Hours

As is the case across most industries where franchise units are in operation, FreshBerry store hour vary in accordance with the location of the unit and how busy it gets. More often than not however, stores are open every day of the week from around 7am until around 8pm. They best advice is to check your chosen store online and find out the exact opening times prior to application.

Important Tips to Apply Online With FreshBerry Yogurt

  • In order for your FreshBerry Yogurt online application to be noticed, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd rather than just ticking all the right boxes. As such, dig deep to find out what it is about you that makes you special and focus on your qualities.
  • In addition, your FreshBerry Yogurt job application form needs to get the message across that you have a genuine passion for people and delivering exceptional service. This is a brand that’s about way more than just product alone – show them you share the same philosophy.
  • It’s also a good idea for the sake of your application, and indeed your nerves to make an appointment to speak with the manager of your chosen store after filling out your application. Not only might you get a few good tips for your interview, but you’ll also make yourself familiar and stand out from the crowd.

Most Common Positions at FreshBerry Yogurt& Income Information

There are more team members at FreshBerry than workers in any other positions. Most employees start at team member level and managers are more often than not trained and promoted in house to give staff the very best chance of advancement. Rates of pay are competitive and sometimes negotiable depending on experience, though most team members begin at minimum wage with tips. Managers and executives can earn much higher sums, all of which depend on age and experience. There’s really no telling how far your FreshBerry Yogurt job application could take you!

FreshBerry Yogurt Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of FreshBerry is the way in which the company champions the hiring of newcomers with no experience. Entry-level posts are always open and the position you start at won’t be the position you stay at for long. There are also excellent discounts on food, great health plans and strong retirement options for those that go the distance – the FreshBerry Yogurt application form is all you need to get started.

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