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Graeter’s Job Application Online

Want to join a brand that’s been faithfully serving the US for over a century? Fill out the Graeter’s online application for employment and you could be on your way to something amazing. Some ice cream chains claim to have a history to be proud of, but Graeter’s really takes the cake. This iconic brand was founded back in 1870 and has never put a foot wrong in its near 150-year history. There are currently around 40 units across the US serving up the most decadent and high quality treats, but you’ll of course see the Graeter’s name in so many grocery stores and supermarkets. The chain is growing by the day and the call is constant for talented team members that feel they have what it takes to become part of a unique and admirable legacy. Think you’re made of the right stuff for a career with Graeter’s? Read on for all the help you’ll need.

Graeter’s Jobs Available

You may submit a Graeter’s application form for any of the following positions: Team Member, Server, Cashier, Host, Shift Leader, Deputy Manager, Store Manager and many more.

Minimum Employment Age at Graeter’s

The Company job application online is available to applicants of 16 years or older.

Graeter’s Store Hours

Most Graeter’s stores open seven days a week, with slightly shorter opening times on Sundays. More often than not, stores open at around 10am with staff members arriving from around 8am. Closing times are usually around the 11pm mark with staff closing up around midnight. Check local store hours for variations.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Company

  • You must treat your Graeter’s online application with extreme care as this is a brand with a century-old reputation to take care of. You need to get the message across that you are not just another face in the crowd and that you have what it takes to proudly further the Graeter’s name.
  • Even if filling out the Graeter’s job application form for an entry-level team member position, be sure to communicate your enthusiasm to move forward in the ranks and continually better yourself. This kind of ambitiousness always goes down well with employers.
  • Take the opportunity as a great excuse to familiarize yourself with Graeter’s products – take home plenty of ice cream and visit an outlet to see how service goes down on the front line.

Most Common Positions at Graeter’s & Income Information

The majority of Graeter’s job application forms filled out and sent in are for standard team member position – the role most must go through before moving on to bigger and better things. These are the fully cross-trained individuals that keep the place running and can step into various roles as and when needed. Minimum wage is generally offered at first though higher salaries are negotiable depending on age and experience. And as far as higher positions are concerned, the sky really is the limit when it comes to how much you could end up taking home!

Graeter’s Benefits

Some would argue that the biggest benefit of all that comes with a Graeter’s career is the ease of access to some of the most amazing ice cream on Earth! Outside this perk though, employees are also lavished with competitive rates of pay, flexible scheduling, paid leave, sick leave, great retirement packages and excellent healthcare options. Get started on your Graeter’s application today and the career of your dreams could be closer to hand than you’d think!

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