Pizza Delivery Jobs

Do you love the smell of freshly baked pizza?  Does going to the pizzeria bring back memories of celebrating football victories,  or happy moments with friends and family?  If you love pizza, have an excellent rapport with people and a good driving record, why not try to get a pizza delivery job?

Our online applications can be the first step to getting your foot into the pizza delivery business.  It is a fun job in the food industry where you deliver pizza to hungry customers.  Naturally, your arrival at the door is very good news!

Even if you don’t want to drive, there are plenty of other opportunities to be found in the pizza delivery business.  There is always the need for kitchen help, clean-up, management, cashier and order taker.  Someone has to answer the telephone, and someone has to roll out the dough.  There is cheese and meat to cut and mushrooms to slice.  The pizza delivery crew is usually busy for the duration of their shifts!

Whether you go to work for a small mom and pop operation or a national chain, there is always need for entry level workers to come in at the ground floor level to learn the business from the bottom up.  The need for work is great, and no end to the opportunities.  If the pizza parlor offers a sit-down restaurant facility, there is a host of other employment opportunities, including waitress, dishwasher, hostess, and more.  The restaurant must be kept up to code, which means that an adequate staff must be on hand to have it properly maintained and cleaned.  Most entry level positions begin at minimum wage or slightly above.

Pizza delivery drivers usually need to use their personal car for pizza deliveries.  This is not a bad thing.  The pizza parlor will then provide the driver with auto expense reimbursements to offset the cost of  gasoline  and auto maintenance.  Pizza delivery drivers generally receive tips in addition to their wages.

Those who begin work at a pizza delivery job will find management opportunities if they stay for long with the company.  Many workers start out on a part-time basis and with time increase their hours, knowledge and expertise.  With time, they become professionals in the business.  Those who aspire to managerial positions schedule employees, look over the day to day operations, hire, fire, train and encourage their crew members.

Those who find work at a pizzeria will develop and fine tune customer service skills which can help them in nearly every job they have in the future.  Most entry level positions attract workers still in school with no prior job experience.  After establishing yourself in the business, you may receive a generous array of health benefits and future planning perks like a 401(k) plan.  Regular salary increases, paid vacation and on the job training will be granted to those working on a full – time basis.  The most important aspect of the job is the ability to learn and willingness to provide timely and efficient customer service.

Why not serve up a pizza delivery job?  Check out the large number of national firms hiring now.  Apply online for a pizza delivery job today!

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