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CiCi’s Pizza Application – Apply Online At CiCi’s Pizza Today

CiCi’s Pizza Job Application Online

Famous for its low-priced buffet, Cici’s Pizza serves pizza, pasta, salad, soup and desserts. They’ve grown quickly from the first store in Plano, Texas in 1985 to 600 stores in 36 states, with plans to add another 500 within the next decade. Now based in Coppell, Texas, they’re a top performing company. For anyone first starting out in the workforce or looking to advance their career, a CiCi’s Pizza job application could be a great choice. Joining near the ground in a fast growing company provides long term career potential for anyone willing to work hard, take initiative and learn.

CiCi’s Pizza Jobs Available

Job openings change constantly, but Cici’s is likely to be hiring for positions such as server, pizza maker, kitchen help, delivery driver, assistant manager and general manager. Non-managerial positions are entry-level, with training provided. Management positions usually require two years of similar experience; otherwise, they promote from within. To find out the job openings at a Cici’s Pizza near you, contact that location.

Minimum Employment Age At CiCi’s Pizza:

You can submit a CiCi’s Pizza online application for employment if you are 16 or older. Delivery drivers should be 18.

CiCi’s Pizza Store Hours

Cici’s Pizza is open every day from 11 in the morning to 11 at night.

Important Tips To Apply Online With CiCi’s Pizza

You may fill out a CiCi’s Pizza job application form online at their website. Simply enter your information into the spaces and follow the instructions. Do not skip anything and do not put down any information that isn’t true. If you have previous managerial experience and wish to submit a CiCi’s Pizza application for a management position, be sure to include a resume. Other helpful information to list on your CiCi’s Pizza application form includes grades (if they’re good), driving record (for drivers) and character references from non-family members who have known you for some time. An example might be the pastor of the church you attend, the leader of a youth organization, previous co-workers or boss, and teachers.

Following your CiCi’s Pizza online application you might be called for an interview. This usually happens about two weeks after you submit your CiCi’s Pizza job application online, but it could be longer than that, as they often keep applications on file for some time. Always arrive on time for interviews, well dressed. Behave in a respectful, friendly fashion, smiling and making eye contact. Answer all questions honestly and specifically. The more hours you are available for work, the more likely you are to be hired.

Most Common Positions At CiCi’s Pizza & Income Information

Like all restaurants, Cici’s hires a large number of entry level workers to wait on customers, process payments, keep the store clean and also to prepare food. You’ll receive the training you need, with the possibility of raises beyond the starting minimum wage pay as you prove your worth. Server positions usually carry the lowest starting wage, but with the ability to make tips, which can result in earning well above minimum wage.

CiCi’s Pizza Benefits

As Cici’s Pizza is a franchise operation, exact pay and benefits may vary by location. Most locations will offer qualified employees such benefits as 401ks, health insurance, paid time off and employee discounts.

To visit CiCi’s Pizza’s website click here.

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