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Donatos Pizza Application – Apply Online At Donatos Pizza Today

Donatos Pizza Job Application Online

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1963, Donatos Pizza now has 200 locations in five states. They place an emphasis on high quality food, good customer service and positive relationships within the community. In addition to pizza, they serve salads, baked subs, appetizers like their boneless buffalo wings, and desserts. They also pride themselves on recruiting and keeping the best employees, and maintaining a work atmosphere that encourages employee growth and loyalty.

Donatos Pizza Jobs Available

Available jobs at Donatos Pizza may vary somewhat, but will probably include positions such as restaurant associate, delivery driver and restaurant manager. Associates may do everything from waiting on tables to preparing pizzas to cleaning the store, assisting customers, acting as cashier, and whatever else needs to be done. Delivery drivers carry food orders to people’s homes and should have their own vehicle and a good driving record. If you have previous experience with restaurant management then you may consider a Donatos Pizza online application for a managerial position.

Minimum Employment Age At Donatos Pizza:

The minimum age you need to fill out a Donatos Pizza job application is 16, but drivers are required to be at least 18.

Donatos Pizza Store Hours

Donatos Pizza places are usually open from Sunday to Thursday between 11:00am and 12:00am; from Friday to Saturday between 11:00am and 1:30am.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Donatos Pizza

There are several ways to submit a Donatos Pizza application. Unless you are applying for management, the best one is to go by a local store and pick up a Donatos Pizza job application form there. This means that you can take it home, fill it out carefully, and bring it back in person. If you bring it in and introduce yourself to the manager on duty, then you are much more likely to be hired. If you’re not able to do this, then you can submit an Donatos Pizza online application for employment by emailing your resume and cover letter to them, or by filling out the contact information in the Donatos Pizza application form provided, then pasting your cover letter or resume into the space there. In all cases you must have a resume, or else be willing to write a cover letter that explains your qualifications and interest in working there. Always try to show that you are enthusiastic about the job and willing to work hard. Whether you make your Donatos Pizza job application online or in person, show up for interview well dressed and on time. Smile, make eye contact and answer questions clearly.

Most Common Positions At Donatos Pizza & Income Information

The most common positions at Donatos Pizza are entry level positions, perfect for those just starting out in the workforce, or trying to make a new career. If you are committed to it there are lots of possibilities for advancement and future careers, since they like to train and promote from within. Starting pay will probably be minimum wage or just slightly more.

Donatos Pizza Benefits

Donatos likes to provide the best benefits. Depending on employee status, you could be eligible for benefits such a paid time off, retirement accounts, health insurance, disability insurance, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement and more.

To visit Donatos Pizza’s website click here.

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