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Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Application – Apply Online At Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Today

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Job Application Online

Fillipi’s Pizza Grottos are a chain of 12 family owned and operated Italian restaurants, surrounding and north of San Diego, California region. They serve lots of pizzas, soup, salads and such Italian classics as lasagna, ravioli and more. The first restaurant was founded in 1950 by Vincent Dephilippis and Madeleine Stefani, and their descendants still run all stores today. Working at a family-oriented business can bring a great atmosphere, a strong sense of loyalty

Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto Jobs Available

There are no online job listings for Fillippis’ Pizza Grotto, but they are likely to be hiring servers, hosts, cooks, dishwashers and other basic restaurant staff. To find out about openings near you, visit the Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto store of your choice. There may also be openings in management for those who are experienced in the restaurant industry, or in management.

Minimum Employment Age At Filippi’s Pizza Grotto:

You may fill out a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto job application if you are 16 or older.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Store Hours

Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto restaurants are open Sunday to Thursday between 11:00am and 10:00pm; and Friday to Saturday between 11:00am and 11:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Filippi’s Pizza Grotto

Since there is no Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto online application for employment, the best way to get a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto application form is to go to a restaurant and ask them. You may also email the company to ask for a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto online application. If they don’t have any openings you can still leave a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto application on file, so they can notify you when something becomes available. One way to increase your chances of being hired is to introduce yourself personally to the manager of that restaurant and explain politely that you would be very interested in a job there. Be sure to have some nice things to say about the restaurant. Another way is to make yourself available for any shifts that they need. Despite the fact that there is no Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto job application online, you can still find ways to apply there if you’re interested.

If you get the chance to interview, make a good impression by dressing well, smiling, making eye contact and answering all questions clearly. Be honest about your past work experience and express real enthusiasm for the job. They will want to know that you are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to make their customers happy.

Most Common Positions At Filippi’s Pizza Grotto & Income Information

The most common positions at any Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto restaurant are likely to be entry level positions such as server, host or dishwasher. These positions may start out at minimum wage, or, in the case of servers, the minimum wage for servers (which is lower than standard minimum wage) plus tips, but could lead you to better jobs as you advance within the company.

Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Benefits

Full-time employees of Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto may expect to receive access to benefits which include such features as 401ks, paid time off, flexible scheduling and paid training. Go by a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto today to get a Fillippi’s Pizza Grotto job application form and place yourself in consideration for work at this family-owned restaurant chain.

To visit Filippi’s Pizza Grotto’s website click here.

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