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Mellow Mushroom Application – Apply Online At Mellow Mushroom Today

Mellow Mushroom Job Application Online

Mellow Mushroom is a privately owned pizza restaurant that sells a wide range of beers and it first opened its doors to the public in 1974 in Atlanta. Initially geared toward attracting the college student crowd, today the Mellow Mushroom franchise operates in 100 locations across the United States. They employ thousands of workers, with each restaurant in the franchise offering something a little bit different. There are over 600 beers across the stores including local brews and Mellow Mushroom takes pride in the experience of colorful art and eclectic music that it offers its customers. The hiring management at Mellow Mushroom is always on the lookout to hire talented and motivated team players to join their team and if you believe you have what it takes then you should submit Mellow Mushroom online application for employment.

Mellow Mushroom Jobs Available

Mellow Mushroom application form can be submitted for one of the following positions, Host, Server, Hostess, Pizza Cook, Bartender and Kitchen Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Mellow Mushroom:

Mellow Mushroom application online is only for interested applicants who are 18 years of age or above.

Mellow Mushroom Store Hours

Mellow Mushroom operation hours are Monday to Thursday from 11:00am to10:00pm, Friday to Saturday from 11:00am to 12:00am and on Sunday from 12:00pm to 9:00pm. Operation hours may be extended depending on demand.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mellow Mushroom

  • Mellow Mushroom online application is available on the company’s website and interested applicants can either submit it online or download a copy and submit it in store. Interested applicants can also obtain a copy of the application form in store.
  • Interested applicants must provide accurate and up to date employment history and must write in neat and legible handwriting.

Most Common Positions At Mellow Mushroom & Income Information

Mellow Mushroom job application is open to all interested applicants with a valid work visa and everyone is given an equal chance of being hired. The restaurant mainly hires for cook and customer service positions but other jobs are available as well. Depending on the location and position applied for, both part time and full time roles may be available and while employees enjoy flexible work schedules, they are also expected to be flexible with their timings. Employees at Mellow Mushroom may either be paid via a monthly salary system or an hourly wage rate system.

Mellow Mushroom Benefits

Staff members at Mellow Mushroom earn attractive salaries and enjoy benefits such as health and life insurance, medical coverage and retirement benefits. The company rewards its employees for their hard work and may even offer paid leaves.

Talented and promising candidates may be promoted and promotion also serves as a source of motivation to encourage the employees to work diligently. At Mellow Mushroom, the management maintains open channels of communications and encourages the employees to voice out their opinions and to strive to grow together with the company.

Mellow Mushroom is an equal opportunity employer and the Mellow Mushroom application for employment is open to everyone with a valid work visa.

To visit Mellow Mushroom’s website click here.

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