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Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Job Application Online

First opened in 1989 by Mexican Chef Luis Sanchez, Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant offers an upscale dining experience which combines the Mexican cuisine of Chef Luis with the high-class training he received at the Culinary Institute of America.  Unlike the kitschy cantina atmosphere of many “Mexican” eateries, diners at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant enjoy their meals in an elegant Mexican courtyard setting with top-scale service.  Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant tempts its customers with eClub membership (which keeps them updated on events and menu-changes, and offers specials for an individual member’s special occasions) as well as catering for parties and events.  To join the team of experienced cooks and servers, submit your Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant online application for employment.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Jobs Available

This company will accept an Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant job application online for any of its available corporate-office jobs (accountants, clerical assistants, marketing managers, and so on), hourly positions in food preparation and customer service, and management jobs at the individual restaurant sites. The restaurant’s bars and catering services also need personnel to handle events and off-site orders, as well as on-site service of adult beverages.

Minimum Employment Age At Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant will hire applicants as young as sixteen for some positions, with an eighteen-year requirement for jobs carrying more responsibility.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Store Hours

To discover the restaurant hours at locations nearest you, click on the “Locations” tab of the company’s website for a list of locations and their phone numbers.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

  • To be considered for an Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant online application, you’ll need to compile a professional-looking resume, detailing your qualifications and experience and training, to accompany your Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant application.
  • Before submitting your Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant application form, get to know the company’s website and the restaurant’s menu.  If you can show specifically how your own abilities match the company’s goals and the food-preparation or presentation needs, you’ll stand out among the candidates for the position.
  • Look at the “Careers” section of the website to find the listings of currently available jobs, and the electronic address where you should send your resume for any of those jobs

Most Common Positions At Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant & Income Information

With an assortment of operations to oversee, managers are needed to supervise the kitchens, the house operations, and the restaurants in general.  After your Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant job application is accepted, the corporation provides in-house training to ensure the quality of service offered by its employees.  Hourly employees can fill the roles of catering crew, table servers, seating host, bartending, cooks, and dishwashers and clean-up crew.  Headquarters also provide office jobs in marketing and financial management.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Benefits

With your Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant job application form, you can partake in the creative and comprehensive benefits offered by the company.  Salaried managers can look forward to quarterly bonuses, flexible spending tax-sheltered accounts for child care and health services, vacation and holidays with pay, employee dining discounts, and discounts on cell phone services. Hourly employees also get vacation and flexible scheduling, as well as scholarships, meal discounts, cell phone credit, and available insurance programs. The company provides training for its employees, and offers online employee information services with an employee log-in to the corporate website.  With Abuelo (“grandfather”) for an employer, you can be assured you’ll be well taken care of.


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