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Amato’s Italian Restaurant Job Application Online

Amato’s Italian Restaurant began in 1902 when Giovanni Amato began selling Italian-style sandwiches to Italian dock workers in Portland, Maine.  The franchise now operates a dozen restaurants in the area, and is proud to still be running Maine’s oldest operational bakery.  Featuring authentic Italian recipes, gift cards (with balance that can be checked online), club memberships for lower prices and free items, full nutritional information accessible on the website, and catering services as well as on-site dining, Amato’s Italian Restaurant has been making New England customers happy for over a century.  A particular special, The Amato’s Original, is the same recipe as those sandwiches served on the docks, and it can be shipped anywhere in the country as a special service.  To become a part of this long-established tradition, all you need to do is send in your Amato’s Italian Restaurant online application for employment.

Amato’s Italian Restaurant Jobs Available

Amato’s Italian Restaurant keeps staff trained on hand to create and serve its sandwiches and famous Italian recipes, to staff at catering events, to bake original-recipe breads, and to manage the chain of stores.  For any of these positions, you can send an Amato’s Italian Restaurant job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Amato’s Italian Restaurant

You are eligible to turn in an Amato’s Italian Restaurant application form if you are sixteen or older.

Amato’s Italian Restaurant Store Hours

Consult the list of locations on the restaurant’s website to see which are nearest you, and what hours they operate.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Amato’s Italian Restaurant

  • As you work on your Amato’s Italian Restaurant online application, highlight your own relevant experiences in the restaurant trade, baking industry, or customer service.  Amato’s Italian Restaurant provides company-specific training, but an applicant with prior experience will be most desirable among candidates.
  • It’s important to present your skills and yourself well in your answers on the Amato’s Italian Restaurant job application form. Check your facts and your spelling, and answer everything that’s asked of you.
  • Get to know the restaurant’s history and menu before applying, in order to be prepared to show your own knowledge of the industry as well as the specific company in your application and interview.
  • The website includes job listings of open positions.  You can also follow the website link to the Amato’s Italian Restaurant Facebook page to follow updates on job openings as well as restaurant specials and events.

Most Common Positions At Amato’s Italian Restaurant & Income Information

Amato’s Italian Restaurant thoroughly trains its cooking staff and service crew, so once you succeed with your Amato’s Italian Restaurant job application, you’ll be trained and placed in a position that best suits you.  Hourly opportunities would be baking, cooking, providing service in the restaurant dining areas and at catered banquets, and preparing sauces and specialty foods.  Managers specially trained in leadership skills and restaurant specifics, earn salaries, and are well positioned for career advancement within the company, enjoying benefits as well as a future.

Amato’s Italian Restaurant Benefits

Employees who successfully complete their Amato’s Italian Restaurant application stand to benefit from the company’s century-long tradition of employee care, an ethic which includes living wages, retirement plans, insurance options, and specialty training for the jobs they’re hired to fill.  With the added incentive of discount dining and family-style feeling among employees, Amato’s Italian Restaurant is an outstanding workplace.


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