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Atlanta Bread Company Job Application Online

Begun as a bakery in 1993, Atlanta Bread Company soon expanded into a deli-style restaurant offering sandwiches and soups, and specialty coffees in small café settings, as well as catering to events, banquets, nearby medical buildings, and homes.  Offering uniquely creative specials alongside their standard menu, Atlanta Bread Company keeps dining interesting, with its own fresh bread as the basis for its wholesome recipes.  Known for its lively mix of traditional fare and creative new recipes, the Atlanta Bread Company is certainly more than a bakery.  It’s a breeze to become a part of this hip establishment; just submit your Atlanta Bread Company online application for employment.

Atlanta Bread Company Jobs Available

Of course the Atlanta Bread company needs expert bakers!  In addition to the bakery staff, the company hires sandwich makers and cooks, servers to work in the restaurants, baristas to prepare the specialty coffees, catering and delivery staff to provide off-site meals to companies and events, and managers for the various bakeries and restaurant locations.  Consider your qualifications for any of these jobs and turn in your Atlanta Bread Company job application online to fill any of these jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Atlanta Bread Company

An Atlanta Bread Company application form can be submitted by anyone sixteen years or over.

Atlanta Bread Company Store Hours

Atlanta Bread Company locations are open for breakfast and lunch hours, generally from seven in the morning until four in the afternoon on weekdays, from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Atlanta Bread Company 

  • Your best chance of success with an Atlanta Bread Company online application is to highlight your background and experience in the areas of baking, cooking, or restaurant service or management.
  • Before you’re ready to turn in an Atlanta Bread Company job application form, you should read up on the company, visit at least one of its sites, and become familiar with the specifics of the company’s menu, history, and corporate workings.  Being able to display your knowledge about the company will help you attract the notice of the management staff in charge of hiring decisions.
  • Connect with the company through social networking like its email newsletter and Facebook page to stay abreast of new jobs, new locations, and other information that might help you stay informed as you approach an interview or application.

Most Common Positions At Atlanta Bread Company & Income Information

The primary position at Atlanta Bread Company may still be the venerated job of baker.  Additionally, the restaurants need baristas to create the specialty coffees, cooks to prepare sandwiches and soups, dishwashers and clean-up workers, and restaurant servers—all positions with hourly pay.  Restaurant and kitchen managers draw salaries and benefits from the company, and franchising opportunities are available as the company grows.  For any of the job openings at any of the locations, you should finish an Atlanta Bread Company job application; for franchising information, contact the website as instructed.

Atlanta Bread Company Benefits

Bakers, servers, and other employees whose successful Atlanta Bread Company application have resulted in jobs with the company enjoy the freedom of scheduling within the restaurants’ breakfast-and-lunch hours, and solid living wages or salary, depending on the position.  Benefits for eligible workers can include retirement arrangements, insured health services, and days off on vacation pay.


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