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Aztec Grill Job Application Online

Famous for its hard-to-achieve combination of entirely fresh ingredients (no canned goods, boasts their kitchen) and super-quick service (orders under five minutes), the Aztec Grill’s dozen California locations draw those people who enjoy a California twist on Mexican cuisine. The menu includes children’s specials, sauces and Mexican sides like guacamole, Mexican breakfasts, burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and platters, all full of fresh ingredients at easily affordable prices.  You can be part of the skilled kitchen crew and service staff, simply by sending an Aztec Grill online application for employment.

Aztec Grill Jobs Available

The Aztec Grill needs short-order cooks and food preparations specialists, customer service waiters, and managers for their dozen California locations.  Because of its fresh-only policy, there’s a great deal of preparation-work in the kitchen.  Since nothing comes from a can, food-prep cooks handle to slicing of vegetables, shredding of cheese, assembling of meals, and preparation of the recipes for which the grill is well known.  Check the website to see what jobs are open, and to access the Aztec Grill job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Aztec Grill

 If you’re sixteen or older, you are welcome to turn in an Aztec Grill application form.

Aztec Grill Store Hours

Aztec Grill opens at six in the morning to serve breakfast, and stays open until late evening to serve lunch and dinner.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Aztec Grill

  • As with any job opportunity, you can use your Aztec Grill online application to make a great impression on the human resources managers who do the hiring; impress them with your experience, your articulateness on the application, correctness of your language and spelling, and whatever background you can highlight in the restaurant or food industry.
  • If you see more than one job for which you’re qualified, don’t hesitate to give an Aztec Grill job application form for all of them; give yourself more chances to get hired, and give the management team the chance to put you to work where they can best use you.
  • Get to know the Aztec Grill menu and its ingredients so you can showcase your knowledge in your interview and application and impress the folks who will be hiring.
  • Follow the Aztec Grill Facebook page as a great way to stay informed about what’s happening with the Aztec Grill, including job opportunities.
  • Take the opportunity to follow up your online application with a personal appearance; stop by the Aztec Grill where you’ve applied, dressed neatly, and make an impression in person.

Most Common Positions At Aztec Grill & Income Information

The restaurants of Aztec Grill hire most workers on hourly wages, including servers, cooks, and clean-up crew, food preparation specialists, and shift managers.  Managers oversee the restaurant operations and kitchen crews with salary and benefits—all of which can be yours with an Aztec Grill job application submitted online. Bring your own kitchen and restaurant background to bear in the Aztec Grill corporation beginning with a job today.

Aztec Grill Benefits

In addition to the delectable discounts for employees dining at the restaurant, the Aztec Grill takes care of its workforce with solid pay, scheduling flexibility, and assistance in the form of insurance covering health and life and disability, retirement possibilities, and days of vacation.  Your Aztec Grill application positions you to forward a career in the food service industry.


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