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Bonefish Grill Job Application Online

Launched in Florida in the year 2000, the Bonefish Grill now sports more than one hundred fifty restaurants across twenty-eight American states.  The restaurant features unusual fish species on its menu, and is also famous for its unique dinner cocktails. In keeping with its use of rare fish species, the Bonefish Grill also invests corporate resources toward the Ocean Trust foundation, which focuses on sustainable fishing and oceanic health.  In its relationship with customers, Bonefish Grill goes well beyond just serving food; their website shares seafood recipes, health information, mixologist tips, and a crash course on edible fish, among many other fun pages. It’s an unbeatable combination of unforgettable menu and admirable social consciousness, paired with great service and great cooking from the staff (whom the company refers to as its “Anglers”), a team which you can join with a Bonefish Grill online application for employment.

Bonefish Grill Jobs Available

Positions for potential “Anglers” (the restaurant’s name for its employees) include jobs preparing the rare and unusual fish menus, serving in the dining area, serving up the unique menu of alcoholic cocktails, and of course management positions to oversee general operations, provide leadership within the team, and ensure positive customer experiences and excellent presentation and cleanliness of the restaurant and its dishes.  It’s easy to angle for an Angler position with the Bonefish Grill job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Bonefish Grill

 The Bonefish Grill application form is available to “anglers” who are eighteen years or older.

Bonefish Grill Store Hours

The website provides a “Location Details” link where you can discover the specific hours and location of the restaurants near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bonefish Grill

  • The “Careers” link in the website footer takes you to a page outlining employee benefits and company philosophy, followed by a link to the career-center page for the Bonefish Grill’s parent company.  That page includes job listings, the Bonefish Grill online application, and a registration/login where you can enhance your application process and stay updated by becoming a member of the site.
  • Enhance your chance of being hired by being thoroughly informed about the restaurant chain before you interview and apply.  Bonefish Grill makes it easy with their Twitter feeds, Facebook page, YouTube channel, RSS feed, and “BFG Insider” registration.
  • The Bonefish Grill’s Careers page also features a link to the career opportunities in the corporate offices in Tampa, Florida.  In addition to your Bonefish Grill job application form, you can consider these logistical and support roles with the parent company’s corporation.

Most Common Positions At Bonefish Grill & Income Information

Bonefish Grill restaurants are in need of skilled and qualified cooks and servers to complete the customer’s unique and upscale experience.  Any of these positions can be sought with a Bonefish Grill job application; additionally, the corporate offices of the parent company need employees to handle marketing, mailing, advertising, accounting, website design, and many other jobs.

Bonefish Grill Benefits

Eligible “Anglers” can benefit from flexible scheduling and vacation time, insurance coverage, discounted dining within the restaurant chain and its sister companies, and always the chance to advance within the company’s career chain, with the outstanding employee training provided.  Every employee at Bonefish Grill benefits from the strong culture of support within the company, whose philosophy holds that happy employees lead to happy customers. Angle to become an “Angler” with your Bonefish Grill application today.


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