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Boneheads Job Application Online

Boneheads restaurants had their start as a non-traditional collaboration between a chef in Atlanta and a chef from South Africa who met accidentally (literally) when they got into a fender-bender, during which encounter the American chef apologized by calling himself a “bonehead.”  A collaboration and a friendship struck up, and a restaurant was born that combined the grilled goodness of southern grilled chicken and fish with the flavors of South Africa, most famously the Piri-Piri pepper sauce which is now a signature flavor of the restaurant. The website caters to health-conscious consumers with listings of nutrition information and a gluten-free menu for those with medical prohibitions against ingesting gluten. The Bonehead grilled menu has won awards and garnered attention for more than its intriguing name. Famous now for their Piri Piri pepper sauces (available for purchase in variations of different hotness) and special seasonings for seafood and chicken, the Boneheads restaurants can boast franchises across the southern United States, where you can become a Bonehead yourself with a Boneheads online application for employment.

Boneheads Jobs Available

To determine what specific positions are open at any given time, use the “Find Your Bonehead” tool to look up contact information for your local stores and contact them for hiring information.  Your Boneheads application form can put you in position to work at the grills and kitchen, preparing the special-recipe sauces and seasonings, serving customers, or overseeing operations in a managerial role.

Minimum Employment Age At Boneheads

Boneheads locations hire employees as young as sixteen, so you can start your work with Boneheads by turning in a Boneheads job application online if you’re sixteen and up.

Boneheads Store Hours

Use the “Find Your Bonehead” tool at the left side of the website to look up the locations near you and find out what hours they’re open.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Boneheads

  • Make a splash with your Boneheads online application and catch the attention of prospective employers!  Take care with your spelling and writing, emphasize your background experience, skills, training, and education, and show them that you have a solid understanding of the company, the menu items, the style of cooking, and their expectations of customer service.
  • Keep updated on the Boneheads world so you can go into the interview and application process sounding informed; you can follow the company’s Twitter feed or Facebook page for updates, new locations, events, and job openings.
  • Take a “field trip” to your local restaurant before submitting a Boneheads job application form; seeing the environment and presentation of foods can put you in an even better position to interview well, and you can ask to speak with a manager to introduce yourself personally.

Most Common Positions At Boneheads & Income Information

Boneheads restaurants are in need of skilled cooks who are open to training in the special sauces, seasonings, grilling techniques, and South African influences in use at Bonehead kitchens.  Serving staff and kitchen staff get hourly pay (with the possibility of service tip), while managers in leadership positions draw salaries.  Whichever role is best suited to your own skills and talents, you can get started with your Boneheads job application.

Boneheads Benefits

Benefits may vary slightly among franchise locations, but eligible employees can generally expect insurance and vacation pay as well as discounted dining in addition to salaries.  Contact the local restaurant where you intend to submit a Boneheads application to find out the specific benefits offered at that location.


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