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Boston Market Job Application Online

Formerly known as “Boston Chicken” (for its signature rotisserie chicken), the Boston Market restaurant has enjoyed fame and customer loyalty in the Eastern United States since 1985.  The chain now operates more than five hundred restaurants in twenty-eight states, as well as stores in Canada.  In the mid-1990s, at the same time as its name change, the restaurant expanded its menu from rotisserie-chicken and sides to include additional meals like meatloaf, pot pies, and sandwiches, and its foods can be found not only at its restaurants, but in the frozen-foods section of more than seven hundred supermarkets. Additionally, the chain offers short-notice catering (an order for a large group can be picked up or delivered on the day its ordered if a group finds itself needing a meal on short notice), as well as full-service catering packages that include delivery, meal service, and clean-up.  Keeping up with the times and consumer demand, Boston Market offers online ordering of food, nutritional information on the website, and a wide selection of individual and family-style meals, sandwiches, salads and soups, desserts, and sauces for sale.  Boston Market online application for employment.

Boston Market Jobs Available

Boston Market restaurants and catering services hire for crew member positions (particularly cooking and serving) as well as delivery drivers, shift managers, assistant and general managers, and corporate positions that include accounting and marketing.  Boston Market job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Boston Market

The Boston Market application form is open to potential employees who are eighteen and up.

Boston Market Store Hours

Use the “Locations” tab on the website to find out where Boston Market has stores near you, and what times those locations are open.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Boston Market

  • The “Job Opportunities” link at the top of the website takes you to an online career center which details the benefit packages available to eligible employees, lists recent openings, and provides a separate Boston Market online application for each of the various employment areas where you might find a job.
  • Twitter and Facebook are excellent places to sign up and stay current on the events, job openings, and corporate culture at Boston Market.  Along with those social networking resources, take a thorough read-through of the website to get comfortable with all the information there and make a great impression on your interviewer.
  • You want to stand out with your Boston Market job application form, keeping in mind that this is your initial impression on a potential employer.  Anything you can include that will make you memorable or stand “above” the crowd of applicants is a useful item to include.  If you have the opportunity to follow up your application with a personal visit to introduce yourself, you can make a good face-to-face impression as well.

Most Common Positions At Boston Market & Income Information

Hourly positions with Boston Market include crew members of the restaurant and delivery drivers, while the various levels of managerial positions work on salary.  The website includes a link to the Boston Market job application for all these positions.

Boston Market Benefits

Eligible employees benefit from the company’s medical plans, tax-sheltered flexible spending accounts, pre-paid legal and employee assistance plans, 401(K) retirement, and optional insurance coverage.  An “invisible” perk of a position with Boston Market is the in-company training provided for employees at every level, giving existing workers the opportunity to work up to higher-paying positions.  Get onboard with your Boston Market application today.


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