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California Cafe Job Application Online

For those who are interested in applying for a California Cafe online application for employment will be disappointed to learn that there is not a printable application. Those who want to work at California Cafe will have to fill out a California Cafe job application online. Interested parties searching for a California Cafe online application will be able to apply on the internet and save themselves some time.

California Cafe Jobs Available

There are many different jobs available to choose from at California Cafe. Most of these positions are entry level. These positions can include but are not limited to wait staff, kitchen staff, and bar staff. There are other positions available from time to time. Management positions and human resources positions sometimes are available for you to apply for. When choosing to fill out a California Cafe job application form, be sure to be clear about which position that you are interested in applying for.

Minimum Employment Age At California Cafe

The minimum age for employment at California Cafe is eighteen years old. An applicant must be this age to be considered for employment. For those who are applying to work as part of the bar staff at California Cafe, those applicants must be at least twenty one years of age. If you are not quite this age, it would not hurt to go ahead and fill out a California Cafe job application anyway.

California Cafe Store Hours

California Cafe opens their doors for business starting at eleven o’clock in the morning every day of the week. California Cafe closes at nine thirty every evening except for on Sundays, where they close at nine o’ clock sharp. These hours may vary from location to location. You will have to check with your local store.

Important Tips To Apply Online With California Cafe

When choosing to fill out a California Cafe application, be sure to market yourself in a desirable way. Be sure to include all information that might qualify you for the job you are seeking. Be sure to use your best penmanship so that your application is neat and easy to read.  Highlight all of your best skills and do not focus on your short comings or weaknesses. Be sure that your application says a lot about you since you cannot make a first impression in person. Let your job application speak volumes about you.

Most Common Positions At California Cafe & Income Information

Some of the most common positions available at California Cafe are entry level positions for waiters, kitchen staff, and bartenders. Line cooks and sous chefs are some of the other common positions. Other higher paying positions include management positions and human resources positions. The income levels of these jobs may vary depending on many different determining factors.

California Cafe Benefits

For employees of California Cafe that qualify, there are many different kinds of benefits for them to take advantage of.  A 402K retirement plan can be offered to certain employees. Health insurance and life insurance are a few other benefits that can be enjoyed at California Cafe. Paid vacation time, plenty of room for advancement, and disability coverage all make California Cafe a pleasant place to work.


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