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Carrows Restaurants Job Application Online

Serving casual diners in California since 1970, Carrows Restaurants have been serving up home-style meals with ingredients from scratch for decades.  With banquet rooms for group events, gift cards available online, family meals-to-go with online pre-ordering, pie orders and e-club memberships offering extra deals and specials, Carrows Restaurants cater to every aspect of the family eating experience. Kids under ten years old eat free when they accompany an adult in the restaurant, and families who would like to enjoy the benefits of a sit-down family meal at home without the hassles of cooking it can order entire meals to go, complete with sides, entrees, and desserts.  Touting its “comfort food” menu, the selection includes ultra-affordable “comfort breakfasts,” “comfort lunches,” and variations of a “two-course comfort dinner.”  The website even offers nutritional information and a gluten-free menu for families challenged by gluten allergies or intolerance. Join the team today with yourCarrows Restaurants online application for employment.

Carrows Restaurants Jobs Available

Carrows Restaurants throughout California and Nevada need banquet cooks, line cooks and prep cooks for the in-restaurant menu orders, restaurant servers, seating hosts, banquet staff, and bakers.  Managerial candidates can send a resume along with a Carrows Restaurants application form to oversee any of the several areas of operation, which include kitchen, banquets, online ordering, and in-house service.

Minimum Employment Age At Carrows Restaurants

Carrows Restaurants hire workers starting at sixteen, so whether you’re looking for a starter-job or a management-level career in the restaurant industry, you can start with a Carrows Restaurants job application online.

Carrows Restaurants Store Hours

The “Locator” tab at the top of the Carrows Restaurants website leads to an interactive map where you can click on locations near you to find out their hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Carrows Restaurants

  • Click the “Careers” link in the website footer to read about careers, job openings, training opportunities, and benefits, and to access the Carrows Restaurants online application.
  • Browse the provided link to see what locations are currently hiring, and accompany your Carrows Restaurants job application formwith a professional resume sent to the email address provided in the Careers page.

Most Common Positions At Carrows Restaurants & Income Information

Carrows Restaurants serve their loyal customers in a variety of ways, necessitating a variety of different employee skills.  The banquet halls, which can be reserved for meetings, reunions, parties, and other events, call for large-scale cooking and large-group service.  Online pre-ordering of meals and baked pies are handled by employees who facilitate the orders themselves, as well as their preparation.  A baking staff keeps up with the online and in-house orders of Carrows Restaurants’ famous pies, and wait staff keep the food flowing and the customers happy.  In addition to these hourly-pay positions, managers oversee the different aspects of the business, and hourly employees can gain experience and training to move into management spots.  Wherever you see yourself starting, the first step is a Carrows Restaurants job application.

Carrows Restaurants Benefits

In addition to “standard” benefits like vacation time and insurance for medical care and disability, Carrows Restaurants treat employees to tuition reimbursements and bonuses based on the success of the individual restaurant.  Starting at any position, an employee can also take advantage of the company’s training to advance a career in the restaurant industry; it all begins with a Carrows Restaurants application.


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