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Champps Americana Job Application Online

Champps Americana began as a small-time burger-and-beer joint in Minneapolis, where neighbors gathered to watch sports on the small TVs. Realizing how many people packed the house, the restaurant expanded, added large-screen TVs to enhance the sports-viewing, and kept on serving the burgers and meals their customers had always enjoyed.  Still serving their towering burgers and fries, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, cocktails, and cold beers with a heady, noisy game-atmosphere of a neighborhood party, Champps Americana brings the sports-pub crowd together in a fun, affordable atmosphere at locations in multiple states. To join the hip serving team and celebrated cooks, turn in a Champps Americana online application for employment.

Champps Americana Jobs Available

Champps Americana is seeking employees who thrive in the fast-paced and noisy environment of the sports-pub atmosphere.  Bartenders need to be old enough to serve liquor, and servers are sought who can cheerfully handle and deliver multiple orders in an upbeat and sometimes boisterous atmosphere.  Cooks are needed to build the signature selection of enormous hand-made burgers, as well as the appetizers and game-day eats that fans are so fond of.  And of course the establishment needs management staff to keep it all running smoothly, so whatever area you’re best qualified to fit as a team member, you can start your Champs career with a Champps Americana job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Champps Americana

Employment is open to anyone eighteen and up who submits a Champps Americana application form.

Champps Americana Store Hours

The “locations” link on the website will allow you to enter your zip code or click on your state on an interactive map to see the actual locations near you, and their store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Champps Americana

  • Click on the “Employment” link in the website’s footer to see job availability and the Champps Americana online application.  For hourly positions, Champps suggests applying in person with the information you’ve gathered online.
  • For management jobs with Champps, follow the link from the employment page to open a Champps Americana job application formfor managers, which can be submitted along with your resume.
  • Learn as much as you can about the company and the location where you’ll be applying, as well as the menu, so you can talk specifically about how your own skills are suited to that environment.  For additional updates (including hiring possibilities), follow Champps Americana on Facebook and sign up for their e-newsletter.

Most Common Positions At Champps Americana & Income Information

Hourly positions with Champps Americana include many of the kitchen jobs–where cooks assemble the famous sports-day burgers, sandwiches, salads, and appetizer platters—as well as bussers and cleaning crew, upbeat wait staff, and bartenders who can serve up those celebratory specials for fans enjoying their teams’ games.  Service staff can look forward to great tips on top of their hourly pay, particularly if they’re ready to banter about the ongoing sports scene and serve up the food with a smile.  Prospective managers can use the Champps Americana job application to score a salaried position at any of the hiring locations.

Champps Americana Benefits

Hourly and salaried employees can become eligible to receive paid vacation days, family and sick leave, insurance coverage, and family coverage extended to domestic partners as well as spouses.  Employees also enjoy discounts on dining in the restaurant chain, so start now with a Champps Americana application.


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