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Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Job Application Online

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse opened in 1966 in New Jersey, and has now expanded into a chain across several Eastern states.  Famous for its prime cuts of steak, the restaurant also features a “Farmer’s Market Salad Bar,” kids’ menu, take-out menu, gluten-free menu, and a variety of desserts and dishes. Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse rewards its loyal patrons with deals and specials through its Handshake Club, and offers gift cards online.  The website shares “Chef Secrets” with its fans in the form of featured recipes and behind-the-scenes insider scoop, and the restaurant’s blog keeps patrons entertained and informed.  To join the high-class, highly trained team, you can start with a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse online application for employment.

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Jobs Available

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse is looking to add customer-oriented employees to its team of servers and managers, and excellent cooks to its kitchens. Focused on a high-quality level of customer service, the restaurant offers intensive training to its employees, ensuring a fantastic experience for diners and employees alike.  To take advantage of the opportunity, submit a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

The Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse application form is open to candidates who are eighteen years and older.

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Store Hours

The “Find Your Location” tool at the top right of the website will help you find the restaurants near you and find out what their operating hours are.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

  • Click the “Careers” link above the website to read about training and job opportunities, and to access a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse online applicationfor management positions, and a separate application for hourly positions.
  • How can you stand out among other applicants?  Get to know the company and the job you’re applying for!  Read the website, and register to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and the restaurant’s Word Press blog for updates and information about recipes, specials, and job applications.  You’ll be able to turn in a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse job application formknowing that you’re prepared to talk intelligently about the business when you interview.
  • If you have an opportunity to visit in person, follow up your application by stopping in at the restaurant where you’ve applied, and asking to introduce yourself to a manager.  Just be sure to visit during slower hours of the day out of respect for demands on the manager’s time during peak dining-hours.

Most Common Positions At Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse & Income Information

Hourly positions with Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse include table servers, bartenders, seating hosts, food runners, dishwashers and bussers, line cooks and prep cooks.Managers within the company experience intensive and extensive training, and rotate through managing different areas (service, bar, kitchen, and so on) to garner a global experience that’s a great personal asset to the employees themselves.  The Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse job application

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Benefits

Not only salaried, but also hourly employees can become eligible for limited medical insurance, disability and life insurance, paid vacation, and discounted dining even when visiting off-the-clock with family and friends.  Salaried managers can qualify for additional insurance options, and membership in the Management Club Dining Program.  Training on-the-job and in classrooms prepare employees for their current positions, assist them in moving into different positions, and provide training that can be listed as a positive resume-item for later applications at other places of employment.  Join the team with a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse application.


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