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Cheesecake Factory Job Application Online

The Cheesecake Factory first opened in 1947 as a small-scale family eatery with its focus on Evelyn Overton’s prize-winning cheesecake recipe. Thirty years later it expanded its services to upscale dining, with a debut in Beverly Hills, and now boasts a chain of a hundred and fifty high-end eating establishments across the country. With gift shops, gift cards, online orders and cheesecake-shipping offers, the franchise satisfies customers in a myriad of ways.  The dining-in experience is an elegant setting with extensive menu, and a strong focus on customer service.  To join the renowned team of servers, simply send a Cheesecake Factory online application for employment.

Cheesecake Factory” Jobs Available

The Cheesecake Factory is in particular need of specialty workers such as professional bakers.  Additionally, positions are available for restaurant servers, bartenders, baristas, dishwashers and clean-up crew, line cooks, prep cooks, dinner cooks, and pastry cooks.  Management and corporate positions exist in the restaurant sites and the corporate offices, and headquarters needs clerical staff, accountants, marketing and advertising staff, and other positions to provide logistical support to the overall company.  Join any one of these teams by submitting a Cheesecake Factory job application on the “Careers” page of the website.

Minimum Employment Age At Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory application form is open to all applicants of sixteen years or older.

Cheesecake Factory Store Hours

Consult the company website’s “Store Locator” to find out where there are stores nearby, and what the restaurant hours are at those stores.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cheesecake Factory

  • Present yourself as the shining star you are!  Highlight your assets and your skills, your experience and your education, and make sure your Cheesecake Factory online application has all the information the hiring team would need to decide you’re a great fit.
  • As you’re considering completing a Cheesecake Factory job application form, get yourself connected with the Facebook and Twitter information feeds, which can keep you in the loop about job openings, new restaurants, and information about the restaurant itself.
  • Read up before you interview; you can impress an interview team by showing you’ve taken the time to research the company and its menu, showing your dedication to the job you’re applying for, and your knowledge as an asset for the job.

Most Common Positions At Cheesecake Factory & Income Information

If you can offer particular skills in the baker, you should definitely submit your Cheesecake Factory job application online today!  Additional hourly positions include servers and cooks, bussers and dishwashers, and seating hosts.  Managers oversee operations, and clerical and support staff fill in the logistical roles within the company’s headquarters and offices.

Cheesecake Factory Benefits

Cheesecake Factory keeps its employees fed with their employee dining discounts, as well as opportunities to shop and ship Cheesecake Factory products at discounted prices.  Hourly pay (and tips for servers) or salary will be added to the benefits which include insurance for life and health, retirement benefits, and vacation pay for those employees in qualified positions.  Additionally, the company offers the option of enrolling in voluntary group programs like extra insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, long-term disability insurance, and prepaid legal plan—items which would be prohibitively expensive for an individual to afford, but which are affordable to employees who choose to take advantage of the group plan.  Start earning these benefits today with your Cheesecake Factory application.


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