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Chevys Fresh Mex Job Application Online

Chevys Fresh Mex prides itself on the fact that absolutely everything that comes out of its kitchen has been made in that kitchen, that day.  Fresh Mex isn’t just a catchy name; it’s a corporate philosophy!  With a sizzling menu of Mexican-inspired menu items, kids’ menu, drink specials, gift cards, and catering for businesses and events, even the Chevys Fresh Mex website is a destination for consumers looking for recipes to try in their own kitchens.  To join the fresh cooking team at Chevys Fresh Mex, simply submit a Chevys Fresh Mex online application for employment.

Chevys Fresh Mex Jobs Available

The Employment page of the website takes you to the job listings and Chevys Fresh Mex job application forms for the various positions available. These may range from kitchen management to restaurant general management, as well as servers, cooks, and cleaners.

Minimum Employment Age At Chevys Fresh Mex

The Chevys Fresh Mex application form is open to applicants of sixteen and older.

Chevys Fresh Mex Store Hours

Use the “Find a Restaurant” tab at the website’s header to find the locations by you, and see what hours they’re open.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Chevys Fresh Mex

  • Click the “Employment” link at the foot of the website to go to the online career center for Chevys Fresh Mex and its parent company, Real Mex.  You’ll find information here about job openings, benefits, corporate philosophy, training, and a link to the Chevys Fresh Mex online application.
  • Make it a point to impress the hiring team with your presentation in your Chevys Fresh Mex job application form; this is your chance to stand out from other applicants and score an interview, so highlight all your assets and skills and experience.
  • Follow Chevys Fresh Mex on the social sites like Twitter and Facebook to keep a stream of updates to inform you about new possibilities and opportunities as you consider applying to work with the company.

Most Common Positions At Chevys Fresh Mex & Income Information

Hourly jobs with Chevys Fresh Mex include the prep cooks needed to start from scratch with each day’s meals, converting ingredients into those dishes the customers keep coming back for.  Servers and cashiers, as well as clean-up crew, are also hourly positions.  Chevys Fresh Mex employs the services of several different types of managers, all of them salaried.  Restaurant managers (and their subordinate assistant managers at different levels) oversee general operations of an entire site.  The culinary management track oversees kitchen operations, health issues, quality control and recipes, and training kitchen staff.  Filling out a Chevys Fresh Mex job application online can be your launching point for an entire career with the company.

Chevys Fresh Mex Benefits

The Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant, through its parent company Real Mex, offers a very solid package of benefits to qualifying employees.  These include industry-competitive salaries, a wide array of health options, coverage for domestic partners as well as spouses, meal discounts (which can also be applied to entertaining friends), Employee Assistance Program, life and disability coverage, and paid vacation time.  Additionally, salaried employees are eligible to earn bonuses based on their performance in their jobs.  For these benefits, and a chance to advance in a Chevys food career, all you need to get started is your Chevys Fresh Mex application.


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