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Chuck A Rama Job Application Online

Named for the western chuck-wagons that used to feed cowboys and shepherds, Chuck A Rama restaurants in Utah and Idaho offer a buffet of home-cooked items in an all-you-can-eat setting at affordable prices.  Patrons pay a flat fee at the door and serve themselves from a loaded buffet of western comfort-foods like steak and ham, barbeque and mashed potatoes, as well as salads and desserts. Well known for its western cheer and down-home approach to customer interactions, the restaurant is always looking for friendly folks to fill out a Chuck A Rama online application for employment.

Chuck A Rama Jobs Available

Every Chuck A Rama restaurant needs greeters and cashiers who help newcomers to find a seat, pay for their meals (a per-person flat fee), and show them where they can help themselves to the food.  Cooks in the kitchen keep the food stocked and ready to serve, with back-ups of soups, sauces, sides, and main dishes available.  Additional workers are needed to clear and wash tables, keep the food-rotation going at the buffet so it’s constantly stocked, and make sure plates are washed and available for customers serving themselves.  Additionally, managers oversee the running of each site, from the kitchens to the front of the house.  Whatever your qualifications, a Chuck A Rama application form is available to suit your skills.

Minimum Employment Age At Chuck A Rama

The company will accept a Chuck A Rama job application online from anyone sixteen and up.

Chuck A Rama Store Hours

Chuck a Rama is generally open for lunch and dinner hours; you can look at the “Locations” page of the website for a map, driving directions, and the precise hours of the restaurant near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Chuck A Rama

  • The Chuck A Rama online application asks for some basic information regarding your contact information and employment history.  To make an impression with the local manager, the restaurant suggests you also stop by in person—even bringing a resume—and ask to meet a manager face to face.
  • Take your time in learning about the restaurant before meeting with a manager and turning in your Chuck A Rama job application form.  You can make an impression by knowing about the menu and the company, talking intelligently about your own skills and your job prospects there.

Most Common Positions At Chuck A Rama & Income Information

Chuck A Rama restaurants need solid managers to oversee kitchens and the dining area, as well as the smooth stocking of the buffet’s food and serving dishes, taking care to keep the buffet well supplied without causing wastage of food.  Additionally, a Chuck A Rama job application is available for cooks, cashiers, and the staff that keep the buffet running smoothly.

Chuck A Rama Benefits

Hourly employees of Chuck A Rama may have the opportunity to earn tips on top of their wages.  Salaried managers enjoy additional benefits including insurance for health care, discounts for themselves as well as their families, vacation days, a flexible spending plan for healthcare and childcare costs, profit sharing, and even a college savings plan for dependents.  Even an entry-level job comes with the chance to work your way up through the ranks and advance your career; you can begin your career with a simple Chuck A Rama application.


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