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Chuy’s Job Application Online

Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant first opened in 1982 on the site of an abandoned BBQ eatery in Texas.  It began as the ultimate low-budget operation, with a dirt lot, no indoor men’s room, and twenty dollars’ worth of “décor” in the form of a velvet Elvis painting.  The food and fun, however, brought people in droves, and Chuy’s now boasts restaurant locations across America’s southern states.  Every Chuy’s shows off its own unique and funky décor, with one element in common: an Elvis “shrine” in each (and a birthday bash for Elvis every year).  Chuy’s is well-known for its charitable contributions to community causes, as well as signature Tex-Mex dishes and sauces, including hand-rolled tortillas and home-made sauces.  The menu carries signature dishes in common across the chain, as well as individual specials unique to each site, To join the fun of the Chuy’s team like no other (as the company proclaims, even a Chuy’s restaurant isn’t like another Chuy’s, aside from the Elvis tribute), you’re welcome to complete a Chuy’s online application for employment.

Chuy’s Jobs Available

Chuy’s restaurants emphasize a fun and personality-filled atmosphere, where employees can enjoy the experience as well as customers. The restaurants are looking for cooks who can follow company recipes with flair, satisfying customers who come back for favorites, and surprising guests with new specials and offerings.  For a chance to enjoy the Chuy’s atmosphere, contests, and fun-loving culture, you can turn in a Chuy’s job application online for positions with cooking, seating and serving, drink mixing, cleanup, or management of restaurant sites.

Minimum Employment Age At Chuy’s

The Chuy’s application form is available to candidates who are sixteen years or older.

Chuy’s Store Hours

Make use of the “Locations” page of the website to find a map and directions of restaurants nearby, as well as their operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Chuy’s

  • You can download a Chuy’s online application and complete it before bringing it to a store location in person. Dress neatly, ask to speak with a manager, and time your visit so it doesn’t coincide with peak hours of business when managers would be too busy to take time to get to know you.
  • Be prepared to let your personality sparkle when you meet a manager.  Chuy’s values an atmosphere of laid-back entertainment, and people who connect comfortably with other people, so let yourself shine in your interview. Read up on the menu and company philosophy so you can show how well you’ll fit at the establishment.
  • On the “Employment” page of the website, you can find specific job openings and instructions alongside the Chuy’s job application form, ready to download, complete, and deliver in person according to instructions online.

Most Common Positions At Chuy’s & Income Information

Chuy’s restaurants particularly advertise their management positions, looking for the people whose cheerful customer-service orientation fit with the fun vibes of Chuy’s, while still keeping operations running smoothly, and dishes up to the loyal patrons’ expectations.  Cooks can look forward to training in Chuy’s signature recipes, home-made sauces, hand-rolled tortillas, and specialized dishes.  Servers, cashiers, and clean-up crew can send a Chuy’s job application to put them in the middle of the fun.

Chuy’s Benefits

In addition to the competitive pay, Chuy’s restaurants offer qualified employees the benefits of health insurance, 401(K) retirement, and discounted eating for employees.  Chuy’s application


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