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Claim Jumper Job Application Online

First opened in 1977 in California, with its name a nod to the mining history of the area, Claim Jumper restaurants now include locations across a number of states.  Including saloon-style bars at every location and famous desserts with mining-related names (like the Chocolate Motherlode cake); Claim Jumper restaurants also market frozen dinners, foods, and desserts which can be found in many grocery stores. With a log-cabin style of comfort, the Claim Jumper restaurants are enjoyable for their richly authentic Western feel, their signature saloon drinks, and their down-home comfort foods.  The restaurant takes care of its patrons’ health as well; in addition to the “Little Jumpers” kids’ menu, the entire menu is entirely free of trans-fats, and a gluten-free menu is available for diners with allergies or medical gluten-intolerance.  To take your place in the “old West” serving environment, submit your Claim Jumper online application for employment.

Claim Jumper Jobs Available

Claim Jumper restaurants need seating hosts, table servers, bartenders in the authentic saloons, dinner cooks, prep cooks, bakers, and managers.  The company looks for folks who can keep the Old West atmosphere authentic, from the saloon to the kitchen to the dining hall.  Claim Jumper is a gold mine of an experience for its customers, as well as for its employees; find out for yourself by filing a Claim Jumper job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Claim Jumper

A Claim Jumper application form can be completed by anyone who’s at least eighteen; saloonkeepers must be of legal age to serve alcohol.

Claim Jumper Store Hours

Claim Jumper restaurants are open for lunch and dinner hours; you can reference the “Locations” page of the website to find the specific hours of the locations near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Claim Jumper

  • In addition to the Claim Jumper online application, you can sign up to join the eClub online to learn more about the company’s current deals and events.  Reading the website and researching about the restaurants puts you in a position to show you’re informed about the company where you’re seeking employment.
  • The Claim Jumper Company suggests making personal contact along with your Claim Jumper job application form; you can ask to meet a manager in person and make a personal impression face-to-face.  Just make sure to stop in at a time when the restaurant is less likely to busy, out of consideration for multiple claims on the manager’s time during peak times.
  • The “Careers” page of the Claim Jumper website offers the opportunity to follow the company by Twitter and Facebook; take advantage of the social networking to keep tabs on new locations, job openings, and information about the company.

Most Common Positions At Claim Jumper & Income Information

Claim Jumper restaurants offer hourly positions in the form of servers, bartenders, bakers, cooks, dishwashers, and seating hosts.  Management-level positions overseeing kitchen and operations draw salaries and benefits, which you can enjoy yourself just by filling out a Claim Jumper job application.

Claim Jumper Benefits

Claim Jumper employees enjoy a virtual “gold mine” of benefits with the company, including health coverage for qualified workers, retirement plans, vacation plans, and dining discounts for employees.  There’s also the opportunity to advance in the company through the ranks of management, a career you can start today with your Claim Jumper application.


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