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Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Job Application Online

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant began as a small snack shop and bakery along the Pacific Coast Highway in California, and now enjoys fame with more than one hundred locations in the western United States.  The restaurant (which always maintains its bakery focus) has evolved with the times, offering gluten-free menus and nutritional information, hosting cappuccino bars at many of its locations, and continuing to create new recipes as well as continuing favorites that have brought returning customers for over half a century.  Offering a rich menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and appetizers, seafood, steaks, burgers, and desserts, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant has something for everyone. In addition to its dining locations, the company’s online pie orders provide a thriving business.  To join the long tradition of bakery and dining excellence, send in your Coco’s Bakery Restaurant online application for employment.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Jobs Available

With its ongoing emphasis on baked goods, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant is always in need of experienced and artistic bakers.  The restaurant sites need seating hosts, servers, baristas at the cappuccino bars, and onsite managers for the operations of dining room and kitchen.  Additionally, the business of facilitating and delivering online pie orders requires the services of logistical support staff.  Look to the Coco’s Bakery Restaurant job application online to start your career in this upscale business of baking.

Minimum Employment Age At Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

The Coco’s Bakery Restaurant application form can be filled out by anyone who is at least sixteen.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Store Hours

Check the “Locations” page of the company’s website for dining hours at locations close to you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

  • Researching the company’s menu, history, and philosophy is a good strategy to help yourself stand out in an interview or Coco’s Bakery Restaurant online application.  You can follow the company on Facebook or through its eClub to stay tuned in to new developments and new job openings.
  • The website offers contact information to send your Coco’s Bakery Restaurant job application form by fax or email to the appropriate location.
  • Keep in mind that Coco’s Bakery Restaurant prides itself on its upscale atmosphere, so present yourself accordingly in your application and interview.  Take care with proper writing, and present yourself as neatly as possible.


Most Common Positions At Coco’s Bakery Restaurant & Income Information

The baking focus of this restaurant chain means highly-qualified bakers are in high demand with the company.  In addition to the in-store dining experience with its focus on upscale desserts and specialty coffees, the company takes online orders for pies to be shipped as special orders.  Bakers share the kitchens with the breakfast cooks who prepare the famous pancake and omelet breakfast specials, lunches, dinners, and specials.  Many locations pair their bakery with cappuccino bars in need of experienced baristas, and waiters are needed to connect the customer with the kitchen’s tasty meals.  To fill any of these positions, and to put yourself in a career path with an upscale bakery, send in your Coco’s Bakery Restaurant job application.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Benefits

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant employees can enjoy bonuses, insurance for health care and disability and life, vacation with pay, and tuition reimbursements, as well as discounts in the restaurant chain, and the possibility of advancing within the company.  It all starts with your Coco’s Bakery Restaurant application.


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