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Crispers Job Application Online

Crispers restaurants across the state of Florida focus on healthy, fast, casual meals—salads and sandwiches with the “crisp” ingredients that gave the chain its name.  The restaurant’s philosophy spotlights fresh ingredients and flavorful arrangements, highlighting the idea that healthy eating doesn’t have to come at the cost of flavor or dining enjoyment.  Since its opening in 1989, Crispers has enjoyed a healthy following of health-minded customers who return for their specials, home-made soups, flatbreads, healthy desserts, and creative culinary recipes. With dishes and ingredients that look as though they’ve just come fresh from the market, Crispers offers food a person can feel good about eating—and feel good about cooking and serving as well.  The website features a breakdown of menu ingredients and even a nutrition calculator for the benefit of its health-conscious diners.  To be part of the trend of healthy eating among American eaters, find your place with a Crispers online application for employment.

Crispers Jobs Available

The Crispers restaurants need customer service workers at the cash registers and serving tables, professional trainers to teach new staff members and prepare staff of new stores, food preparation specialists to staff the kitchens, and managers at every level.  With its own certified in-house training program, Crispers grooms and guides its own staff into higher-level positions, meaning that your Crispers job application online today can turn into a long and fruitful career.

Minimum Employment Age At Crispers

The Crispers application form is open to individuals of eighteen years and up.

Crispers Store Hours

Consult the website to find out what hours a particular location serves its meals.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Crispers

  • The Crispers website gives you a great window on the company, so take advantage of that resource and educate yourself before turning in a Crispers online application.  Learning about Crispers health standards, fresh ingredients, and company philosophy will enable you to talk intelligently with managers during the application and interview process.
  • You can follow the company’s news (including job openings) by following on Twitter or Foursquare or Facebook.
  • Filling out your Crispers job application form, list your skills and assets as they apply to the jobs you qualify for; make sure you don’t leave anything out, and make sure to send in a sharp-looking application.

Most Common Positions At Crispers & Income Information

Crispers need workers in the hourly positions of health-conscious cooks, servers, cashiers, and cleaning crew.  At the salaried level, management professionals are needed to supervise kitchens and restaurants within the chain, ensuring the health qualities and sanitary standards, as well as high quality of customer service expected by loyal Crispers customers.  Whatever position you begin with; your Crispers job application positions you to advance within the company as you add experience and training.  The training itself will be provided by the company, which provides its own professional trainers to keep staff at the top of their game, and groom up-and-coming managers to take on more responsibility.

Crispers Benefits

Crispers restaurants offer their eligible employees paid vacation and holidays, incentive-based bonuses, direct deposit convenience, insurance for health care, life and disability insurance, tuition reimbursement for students, and flexible scheduling.  For those who intend to spend a long career in kitchen, the absence of fryers is a bonus to be appreciated.  For a starter-job or a start on a career, the first step is a Crispers application.


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