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Denny’s Job Application Online

Denny’s originally opened under the name “Danny’s Donuts” in 1953, but the business quickly expanded its menu and its service to offer full meals and round-the-clock dining.  With over 1600 restaurants in all fifty states, Denny’s proudly holds the position of largest family restaurant in America, as well as its hundreds of restaurants abroad.  The “Grand Slam Breakfast” launched in 1977 in honor of baseball player Hank Aaron has become Denny’s famous signature meal, still a hit among today’s diners.  With its round-the-clock and year-round restaurant hours, Denny’s has become a stand-by for travelers and night-owls looking for a hearty meal or a cup of coffee at times when other eateries aren’t available, and the restaurant has catered to those crowds by opening locations near interstate stops and airports, and adjacent to hotels.  To enjoy the flexible scheduling opportunities available with a round-the-clock eatery, just turn in a Denny’s online application for employment.

Denny’s Jobs Available

Always in need of kitchen staff and serving staff, you can find a Denny’s job application online for nearly any location in the United States.  Commonly available jobs include cashier, waiter/waitress, breakfast cook, line cook, prep cook, busser/dishwasher, and restaurant manager.  Check the “Careers” tab of the website for specific job listings, including managerial positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Denny’s

If you’re sixteen or older, you are eligible to submit a Denny’s application form.

Denny’s Store Hours

Denny’s restaurants are always open—around the clock, night and day, holidays and weekends!  If you need to “flex” a schedule around school or other commitments, Denny’s 24/7 scheduling should give you the opportunity to find a shift that fits.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Denny’s

  • Click the “Careers” link on the website to reach a search tool which will help you find the specific current job listings at Denny’s restaurants near you.  The link will provide map information as well as instructions for submitting your Denny’s online application to that location.
  • Your Denny’s job application form is your first step to a great job, whether you’re thinking short-term or career.  Give the interviewing manager a glimpse of your abilities and pleasant personality, as well as your work history and experience.  The first rule in job applications is to give them a great reason to hire you!

Most Common Positions At Denny’s & Income Information

Denny’s restaurants are in need of consistent cooks who can prepare eggs, breakfast items, sandwiches, and dinners to order, meeting the expectations of diners who have come to love Denny’s food at its hundreds of locations.  Cooks, servers, cashiers, bussers, and dishwashers earn hourly pay, and those in customer service positions can earn great tips when they deliver a sunny smile along with those sunny-side eggs. Denny’s managers benefit from on-the-job training, making career advancement an option for anyone with a mind to stay with the company.  All it takes to get started is a simple Denny’s job application.

Denny’s Benefits

Denny’s restaurants offer insurance coverage and retirement plans to eligible employees, as well as paid vacation, job training, and flexible scheduling.  The shift-scheduling options make Denny’s a great employment option for people pursuing schooling, raising kids during the day, or holding down a second job; whatever your other obligations, you can be assured there’s a schedule that will fit yours when you submit a Denny’s application.


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