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Don Pablo’s Job Application Online

Don Pablo’s restaurants have been flaunting their “Big Tex, Bold Mex” menu and attitude for more than two decades, garnering a following of fans who enjoy the Texas take on Mexican menus.  Justifiably proud of its three-time win of Restaurants & Institutions Magazine’s “Choice in Chains” award, Don Pablo’s isn’t shy about sharing its Texas-sized delight in its history of happy customers.  With Tex-Mex favorites like fajitas, mesquite barbeque, burritos, chimichangas, carnitas, tacos, and enchiladas, the restaurant also features nutritional information on its website, and offers a gluten-free menu for those with allergies or gluten-intolerance. The Habaňeros Club, for which customers can register online, awards card-holders with free samples, birthday specials, and deals with frequent patronage.  Gift cards can be purchased online (and balances checked online), with a discount on gift cards over a certain amount.  There’s nothing small about the culture or cuisine of Don Pablo’s, where a bold, customer-service oriented worker can fit right in with a Don Pablo’s online application for employment.

Don Pablo’s Jobs Available

Don Pablo’s restaurants need to fill positions in the kitchen as well as the dining area; cooks are trained in the Tex-Mex recipes, sauces, and dishes for which the restaurant is famous, and servers are appreciated for their Texas-sized sunny smiles and outstanding service.  To bring your own skills to the team, simply fill out a Don Pablo’s job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Don Pablo’s

You’re eligible to turn in a Don Pablo’s application form as soon as you turn eighteen.

Don Pablo’s Store Hours

Don Pablo’s restaurants are open daily from eleven in the morning until eleven at night.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Don Pablo’s

  • Carefully read the application instructions on the “Jobs” page of the website; you’ll be asked to fill in a Don Pablo’s online application, and then complete a 45-minute online assessment if you’re applying for a management-level job.
  • After you submit your Don Pablo’s job application form, a manager will contact you for a phone interview, which may be followed by a face-to-face interview.
  • Read up on the menu and history of the restaurant to get a feel for its character as well as its culinary creations.  You can best present yourself as a good fit for a job if you can show that you already understand the restaurant.

Most Common Positions At Don Pablo’s & Income Information

Don Pablo’s restaurants are on the lookout for hourly wait staff, seating hosts, and customer service specialists who can bring a smile and a perky attitude to the customers’ experience of eating. Cooks with experience (or willingness to train) in Tex-Mex cooking make up the kitchen teams, all under the oversight of the salaried managers who keep things running smoothly.  The Don Pablo’s job application (and assessment for prospective managers) can be found on the “Jobs” page of the website.

Don Pablo’s Benefits

Don Pablo’s restaurants provide an exhaustively thorough in-house training for managerial candidates, giving them on-the-ground knowledge of accounting, scheduling, food costs, financial reporting, and the other tools a manager needs to succeed.  Such a training and background is a job-experience asset in its own right, but of course the benefits don’t stop there.  Employees also benefit from insurance, health care, 401(K) retirement, employee assistance programs, and vacation time.  Saddle up for a career ride by wrangling up your Don Pablo’s application today.


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