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Eat’n Park Job Application Online

Eat’n Park originated in 1949 beginning with a tiny restaurant in Pittsburgh where diners were served by carhops.  Diners now eat inside the restaurant rather than waiting for car-hog service, but the restaurant has kept its original flavor even after it expanded into a chain of more than seventy-five sites.  Serving breakfast, burgers, buffet-style meals, salads, baked goods, a kids’ menu, appetizers and desserts, and a special “Midnight Menu,” the restaurant has managed to change with the times, morphing from the drive-in to an online presence including nutritional calculators, online cookie-ordering, and a company blog, as well as merchandise with the trademark smiley-face logo familiar to so many diners. For over half a century, Eat’n Park has been an eating tradition, and you can become part of that tradition with your own Eat’n Park online application for employment.

Eat’n Park Jobs Available

Eat’n Park needs to fill a wide variety of positions, from bakery and kitchen and service jobs in the restaurant to management positions and oversight, to jobs in the corporate offices handling the logistics of accounting, marketing, and training.  The company offers extensive career training, so you can start in any position and know you’ll have the opportunity to advance, starting with an Eat’n Park job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Eat’n Park

As soon as you’re sixteen you’re qualified to submit your Eat’n Park application form.

Eat’n Park Store Hours

Select the map-icon labeled “Location” at the top of the website to search for sites near you and find out their hours.  Some Eat’n Park restaurants are open twenty-four hours a day, giving you extra opportunities to “flex” a schedule around your school or family obligations.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eat’n Park

  • Click the “Careers” tab on the company’s website to read about management and hourly jobs, the benefits available, and instructions for your Eat’n Park online application.
  • Learn about the restaurant, its history, its menu, and its services by getting thoroughly familiar with the website, and visiting a location near you.  As you plan your Eat’n Park job application form, you can also connect via Twitter and Facebook, or sign up for the email newsletter to stay abreast of news and job possibilities.  The company’s blog also offers an inside view of coupons, deals, menu items, events, and the restaurant’s community involvement.  The more informed you are going into your application and interview, the better you can show that you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Most Common Positions At Eat’n Park & Income Information

The Eat’n Park restaurant locations need cooking staff and service staff, as well as managers to oversee the individual locations.  In the Corporate Support Center, jobs include clerical support, marketing, accounting, training, and other logistical support and management jobs.  Wherever you start, remember the in-house training can advance you into a full career with the restaurant, beginning with your Eat’n Park job application.

Eat’n Park Benefits

Employees both on hourly pay and on salary can qualify for benefit packages, which include insurance for medical, dental, life, and vision; retirement 401(K) and profit sharing; scholarships; and paid vacation time.  Eat’n Park also offers a management training program which helps employees improve their resumes, and puts them in position to move into management within the company.  Join the team with your Eat’n Park application.


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