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Eddie V’s Job Application Online

Eddie V’s upscale restaurant first opened in 2000, with the seafood cuisine of New Orleans as its inspiration.  Although it’s fairly new on the fine dining scene, Eddie V’s has already won multiple awards for its food, ambiance, and high-class customer service.  Featuring a lounge with live music, fresh seafood caught daily, prime steaks, and creative chefs, Eddie V’s provides everything you could want in a fine dining experience.  Justifiably proud of its top-notch record, the restaurant hires sophisticated servers and trains its staff thoroughly, making your Eddie V’s online application for employment a mere first step in a restaurant career.  With online reservations, online gift card purchasing, and online employment applications, Eddie V’s is truly a business based in the twenty-first century, paying homage to a seafood tradition of cuisine that reaches back much farther.

Eddie V’s Jobs Available

Eddie V’s restaurants are looking for table servers, bartenders and cocktail servers, line chefs, seating hosts, bussers and dishwashers, and logistical assistance staff to keep service running smoothly.  With top chefs already in place in the kitchens, cooking staff will have priceless opportunities to enhance their resumes with training on the job.  Management candidates can fill out a separate Eddie V’s job application online, and any employee will have the opportunities to advance within the corporation.

Minimum Employment Age At Eddie V’s

With their focus on sophisticated service, the restaurant hires adults; the Eddie V’s application form is open to anyone eighteen and over.

Eddie V’s Store Hours

Specializing in dinners, the Eddie V’s restaurants open in late afternoon and remain open until late at night.  To check the hours of a given location, select “Locations” from the pull-down menu of the “Restaurants” tab at the top of the website.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Eddie V’s

  • Click the “Careers” link on the website’s header to read about the job opportunities available with an Eddie V’s online application.
  • If you intend to apply for a management position, there’s a separate Eddie V’s job application form specifically for managerial candidates.
  • Use the company’s website as a resource in preparing for your application and interview; a knowledgeable candidate will stand out among other applicants.

Most Common Positions At Eddie V’s & Income Information

Eddie V’s looks for high-class presentation from its workers, to meet the upscale expectations of its dining clientele.  To that end, anyone who completes a successful Eddie V’s job application can look forward to thorough training and preparation.  Table servers will be able to describe specials and ingredients, handle service demands with warm smiles and a cool head, and earn sizeable tips on top of their hourly pay.  The lounge, open nightly with live music, requires skilled bartenders and cocktail waitresses, as well as logistics managers to facilitate the entertainment.  And the kitchens, under the skilled eye of top chefs, can use the experienced hands of cooks who are eager to learn the specific menu items and specialties of Eddie V’s.  To oversee the entire restaurant, managers are trained to ensure pleasant experiences for the customers and make sure the entire restaurant runs smoothly.

Eddie V’s Benefits

Employees benefit from an intensive training course which is, in itself, an asset as a resume-builder while working for Eddie V’s.  Eligible employees may qualify for vacation time, retirement options, and insurance coverage. Beginning with an Eddie V’s application, you can score a prestigious restaurant career track.


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