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El Chico Job Job Application Online

Back in 1926, at a county fair in Texas, Adelaida Cuellar became famous for her tamales—a recipe to which her five sons stayed true when they opened a small eatery in Dallas fourteen years later. El Chico restaurant now serves authentic traditional recipes blended naturally with Tex-Mex varieties of food at more than seventy-five locations across the southwestern states, and sells products (under the Top Shelf brand name) ranging from quesadillas to enchiladas. The restaurants offer meals to go, kids’ menus, and catering services, with bonus items like margarita machines and mariachi bands available for catered events. With daily specials and fresh-made food, El Chico rightly deserves its large following of fans, who are rewarded with specials and deals through El Chico’s online club. You can join the team now with an El Chico online application for employment.

El Chico Job Jobs Available

El Chico restaurants need kitchen staff with experience (or willingness to train) in Tex-Mex menus, as well as serving staff and restaurant managers. You can submit an El Chico job application online, or contact their Recruiting office by email or phone with questions.

Minimum Employment Age At El Chico Job

Anyone sixteen and up is eligible to turn in an El Chico application form.

El Chico Job Store Hours

Use the “Locations” link at the left side of the home page to search for the restaurants near you and determine their hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With El Chico Job

  • Click the “Employment” link at the left side of the website to read about career opportunities and benefits, and to access and fill out the El Chico online application.
  • Use your El Chico job application form to make a positive impression on the Human Resources folks who will be hiring; pay attention to your writing and the thoroughness of your answers, and make sure to include all of your job experience and training that show your fitness for the job you want.

Most Common Positions At El Chico Job & Income Information

El Chico restaurants make every effort to recruit, train, and keep the most able managers in the food industry. To that end, they offer extensive benefits and incentive programs, as well as training programs, for their managerial staff. El Chico also encourages existing employees to rise through the ranks with the offered trainings, growing their own management staff from the best of their employees. Whatever position you first submit an El Chico job application for; you’ll have career opportunities within the company. Hourly-pay positions include table servers, line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers, in addition to the salaried manager positions.

El Chico Job Benefits

Eligible El Chico employees enjoy monthly bonuses based on performance, as well as life and disability insurance, plans for dental and prescription and health care, 401(K) retirement, paid vacations, tuition reimbursement, meal discounts, recruiting bonuses and employee recognition, and paid professional training. The training and professional development is a benefit in itself, helping an employee to build a solid resume, as well as to advance within the El Chico company. Hourly employees who may not qualify for the full benefit package of managerial staff can still enjoy paid vacations, health insurance, discounted dining, 401(K) savings, and flexible schedules. You can submit El Chico application through the website, or contact El Chico Recruiting via email or phone.


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