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Farmer Boys Job Application Online

Farmer Boys restaurant is the creation of five brothers from the island of Cyprus who grew up working on their family’s farm and in their family’s restaurant in Cyprus, and with their move to California, wanted to celebrate American heartland cooking and family farms. The brothers have expanded their restaurant locations since their 1981 opening to almost seventy locations across California and Nevada. With more than thirty years of history and many awards to its credit, Farmer Boys honors its home-farm atmosphere with a farm-bell at every restaurant, reminiscent of the chow-bell that would ring for farm hands. On its thirtieth anniversary the restaurant celebrated with a thirty-pound burger, the video of which is worth viewing on their website—along with the promotions, menu, and other media you can view to learn about the company. Begin your restaurant career with your Farmer Boys online application for employment.

Farmer Boys Jobs Available

The Farmer Boys corporation hires for positions in the corporate offices (such as advertising and marketing, accounting, clerical support, human resources, and purchasing), as well as restaurant positions like table service, seating hosts, dishwashers, line cooks and prep cooks, and management of kitchens and restaurants. For a job which can turn into a career, you can start with Farmer Boys job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Farmer Boys

The Farmer Boys application form is available to anyone of age eighteen and above.

Farmer Boys Store Hours

The “Locations” page of the website gives you a map of restaurant locations (and a search tool) so you can look up the hours of any particular site.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Farmer Boys

  • The “Careers” link at the foot of the website will lead you to a page which includes employment information and current job openings, as well as the Farmer Boys online application.
  • Before filling out your Farmer Boys job application form, educate yourself about the company and the restaurant where you intend to apply.  There’s plenty of information on the website and social media, and you’ll make a positive impression on interviewers when you show you’re prepared to talk about the company, and how you’ll fit there.
  • Keep yourself in the loop about Farmer Boys restaurants while you plan your application and interview; follow the company’s Twitter Feed and Facebook postings, and check out their YouTube channel, to see about news, promotions, and job openings.
  • After you’ve turned in your application, follow through by visiting and introducing yourself to a manager in person; let them connect a face to your name, and make another impression face-to-face.

Most Common Positions At Farmer Boys & Income Information

Hourly opportunities with Farmer Boys include positions serving tables, preparing home-style food in the kitchens and seating and cleaning up after customers. Salaried positions include restaurant managers and some of the corporate support positions such as clerical support and accounting services. With the training provided by the corporation, an employee from any position can turn their Farmer Boys job application into a full-on career.

Farmer Boys Benefits

Farmer Boys restaurants keep their employees happy with benefits like insurance for health and dental and life, retirement options, dining discounts, sick leave and paid vacation, and the ever-valuable paid training, which builds a worker’s resume while also allowing them to grow within the company. Your Farmer Boys application will set you up for a great career.


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