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Fatburger Job Application Online

Fatburger restaurants opened in 1952, expanded into a chain across California, and now operate more than one hundred restaurants in the United States and Asia. With celebrity franchisers like hip-hop stars Kanye West and Pharrell, and sports figures like Willie Anderson and Orlando Brown, the restaurant has also been mentioned in rap songs and TV show episodes. More than half a century after founder Lovie Yancey first opened her restaurant, its fresh (never frozen) beef patties and unique compilation of ingredients have made Fatburger something of a cultural institution. Fans join in with membership in the online “Fat Club,” as well as following the social media linked from the website. Fatburger’s unique approach to catering involves a fantastically decorated bus dubbed the “Fatmobile”—a mobile catering kitchen which travels with Fatburger’s famous food as well as its renowned friendly service. Fatburger online application for employment.

Fatburger Jobs Available

Fatburger restaurants need cooks, cashiers, and servers as well as managers for kitchens and restaurant locations. Central support also hires specialists for accounting, human resources, marketing, advertising, web design, purchasing, and legal and finances. You can bring your existing experience in the food service industry or enjoy the training benefits offered by Fatburger after your successful Fatburger job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Fatburger

If you’re eighteen years of age or above, you are old enough to submit a Fatburger application form.

Fatburger Store Hours

The “Find a Location” tool at the left side of the website lets you search for the restaurants near you and determine their store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Fatburger

  • Click the “Job Opportunities” link at the foot of the home page to read about open positions, benefits, and corporate policies regarding human resources, as well as the downloadable Fatburger online application.
  • Your Fatburger job application form is where you can make that proverbial and all-important first impression on the management staff that makes the hiring decisions at the location where you’re applying.  A well-constructed application, free of errors and complete in all its answers, should highlight your experience and training, your particular skills, and anything that will make you stand out among the other applicants.
  • You can get all the latest information on Fatburger by subscribing to their Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace social feeds, as well as signing up for the electronic newsletter which sends out promotions for the location near you.  It’s yet another way to keep informed about the company as you approach your application and interview.

Most Common Positions At Fatburger & Income Information

Fatburger restaurants hire employees both at the restaurant level and central offices. In addition to hourly positions serving and preparing food and salaried positions managing kitchens and restaurants, central offices require support services at both hourly and salaried pay. Whatever job you get started with, your Fatburger job application gives you the opportunity to train and grow within the Fatburger Corporation and make a career of the restaurant industry.

Fatburger Benefits

Fatburger prides itself on providing a fun and healthy work atmosphere for its employees, as well as training opportunities to “grow its own” management and allow existing employees to grow in expertise and skills. Employees may be eligible for health insurance, retirement plans, vacation, training, and sick leave, as well as advancement opportunities. It all begins with your Fatburger application.


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