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Fatz Cafe Job Application Online

With a varied menu of pasta, ribs, steaks, seafood, and chicken, as well as sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads, Fatz Café has been bringing back loyal customers since its 1988 opening in North Carolina. It’s most famous for its Calabash chicken, prepared in a traditional coastal Carolina breading. Fatz Café offers upscale kids’ meals (the same food served to adults, in smaller portions), a light menu for the calorie-conscious diner, and a number of signature dishes. Fatz Café prefers to locate its restaurants away from large cities, maintaining its log-cabin lodge-dining atmosphere. The company declines to franchise, relying on its own team of operating partners and professionals trained within the company to keep the business grounded in its authentic home-grown roots. In keeping with its choice to locate in smaller-sized communities, the corporation prides itself on its community involvement, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for charitable causes. Fatz Café has won a number of awards since opening, and you can become a member of that award-winning team by submitting your own Fatz Cafe online application for employment.

Fatz Cafe Jobs Available

Fatz Café needs to hire cooks and servers, as well as managers and support. Their award-winning corporate organization, working differently from the standard franchise model, also opens opportunities for corporate support in marketing, accounting, and other areas. For any available position, you can submit a Fatz Cafe application form through the website.

Minimum Employment Age At Fatz Cafe

Any applicant eighteen years or older is an eligible candidate for hiring with a Fatz Cafe job application online.

Fatz Cafe Store Hours

The “Locations” link at the top of the home page leads to a search tool which allows you to locate restaurants near you and determine their hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Fatz Cafe

  • Click the “Careers” tab at the top of the website to read about employment opportunities and the Fatz Café approach to employee consideration, as well as details about benefits, and the Fatz Cafe online application.
  • The Fatz Cafe job application form can be submitted online or downloaded and printed to complete and deliver in person.  Even if you submit your application online, it’s advisable to follow up with a face-to-face encounter, introducing yourself to the manager of the restaurant where you’ve applied so they can attach a pleasant face to the name on your application.
  • Fatz Café offers several venues to stay connected, including their e-club, Facebook Page, and Twitter feed, which you can use to keep informed about the company as you approach interviewing with their management staff in human resources.

Most Common Positions At Fatz Cafe & Income Information

Fatz Café pays hourly wages to kitchen and service personnel, for which the Fatz Cafe job application is available on the website. Managers draw salaried pay and comprehensive benefit packages, detailed below.

Fatz Cafe Benefits

Every Fatz Café associate can look forward to weekly paychecks via direct deposit or Pay Cards, medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and 401(K) savings plans. Managers enjoy the additional benefits of vacation and sick days, as well as working on salary. Fatz commits to its employees with training, ensuring that any Fatz Cafe application can lead to a management-level position for an employee who shows motivation and dedication and takes advantage of training opportunities.


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