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Fazoli’s Job Application Online

Fazoli’s chain of Italian restaurants opened in 1988 in Kentucky, featuring Italian dishes like pastas, pizzas, and submarine sandwiches, as well as salads, desserts, and their celebrated bottomless breadsticks. Nutritional information for menu items is detailed on the website, and a vegetarian menu and extensive choices for dining in as well as carry-out. Both the restaurant chain and its menu have expanded in the decades since, spreading across several states and winning the hearts of food-lovers and critics alike. The restaurant offers an award-winning children’s menu, and catering (pick-up and drop-off, but not full service set-up and serving) for events and groups. Fazoli’s takes an intense interest in its employee training, with structured training programs called SCORE (for associates) and GAME (for aspiring managers), which allows employees to certify at different levels of the restaurant’s “game board” as they complete various aspects of training. With Fazoli’s training and experience, you can turn your Fazoli’s online application for employment into a life-long career in food service.

Fazoli’s Jobs Available

The online Careers center encourages you to submit your Fazoli’s application form for any of the open positions listed on the website, which include management (for which the company will offer its own structured training), food service, food preparation, maintenance and dishwashing, and delivery and catering staff.

Minimum Employment Age At Fazoli’s

Some positions with Fazoli’s are open to candidates as young as sixteen who submit a Fazoli’s job application online.

Fazoli’s Store Hours

Select the “Locator” tab in the website’s menu bar to view an interactive map and an accompanying search tool; you can use this to find the locations near you and check their store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Fazoli’s

  • Select the “Careers” link along the home page’s main menu bar to reach the online career center, featuring employee information, current job listings, and the Fazoli’s online application.
  • Become well versed in the company’s menu and philosophy so you can “wow” your interviewer with how informed you are, and how you’ve gone out of your way to prepare for the job.  As you work on your Fazoli’s job application form, you can also follow the company’s updates via Facebook, Twitter, and the website’s “What’s New” page.
  • Turn in a spotless application for the best results; make sure it’s error-free and complete.

Most Common Positions At Fazoli’s & Income Information

Your Fazoli’s job application can start you in a position of restaurant associate, the hourly positions including cooking and serving food, as well as facilitating catering orders and delivering them. Salaried positions with additional training include the kitchen and restaurant management jobs, which can be attained from within the company, thanks to the training offered to motivated employees by the company.

Fazoli’s Benefits

Fazoli’s restaurants take pride in the “family” feel among their employees, a feeling of satisfaction aided by their excellent benefits. Employees enjoy flexible schedules, discounted dining, paid training and professional development, opportunities for advancement, recognition of performance, and incentive prizes. Full time staff may be eligible for insurance coverage, paid vacation, and retirement options as well. The company’s structured training should be counted among its benefits, as the training itself improves an individual’s resume for future use, as well as facilitating advancement through the company. Your Fazoli’s application is your initial step in the journey of a career in the food service industry.


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