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Fogo de Chão Job Application Online

Founded by brothers who grew up in the mountains of Brazil, deep in the Gaucho culture and its cuisine, Fogo de Chão has been serving “churrasco” style meats—slow-cooked over open fire pits—to appreciative fans for several decades. Fogo de Chão has been serving authentic Brazilian dishes in Brazil since 1979, expanding into North America in 1997 while maintaining its original Brazilian and Gaucho roots. With an award-winning list of wines and tableside service by “gaucho” (Brazilian cowboy) chefs, the menu, served in formal courses, includes an extensive salad bar, prime slow-roasted meats, seafood, imported cheeses, and signature Brazilian side dishes and desserts. Despite its fairly recent presence in the United States, Fogo de Chão has won mention as one of America’s best restaurants, and has garnered the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence on an annual basis beginning with its fifth year of North American business. To join this renowned restaurant’s staff, complete and submit a Fogo de Chão online application for employment.

Fogo de Chão Jobs Available

The Fogo de Chão restaurant chain is looking for seating hosts, table servers, cashiers, bussers and dishwashers, sommeliers and bartenders, skilled line cooks and prep cooks, and managers and assistant managers for the kitchens and restaurants. If you’re ready to join a fast-paced work team with high expectations, turn in your Fogo de Chão job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Fogo de Chão

Due in part to its sophisticated and upscale atmosphere, Fogo de Chão hires only adults of eighteen years or older; if you have reached that age, you are eligible to submit a Fogo de Chão application form.

Fogo de Chão Store Hours

Use the “Locations” link in the website’s menu bar to view an interactive map of the United states; select one of the labeled cities to find out your local restaurant’s address and operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Fogo de Chão

  • Click the “Employment” link in the website’s footer to learn about employment opportunities, expectations of employees, and currently available job openings at different locations, as well as the Fogo de Chão online application.
  • You’ll want to remember that the Fogo de Chão atmosphere is very upscale and sophisticated, and its serving staff is expected to rise to the occasion with sophisticated and capable service.  Present yourself confidently in your Fogo de Chão  job application form, as you would do with the customers in the restaurant; show how you can step up and rise to the challenge of the atmosphere and its fast pace.

Most Common Positions At Fogo de Chão & Income Information

Fogo de Chão is hiring hourly workers as seating hosts, bussers and dishwashers, table servers, wine experts and bartenders, line cooks, prep cooks, table-service cooks, and upkeep of the gourmet salad bar. For these hourly positions or the salaried management positions, you can submit a Fogo de Chão job application via the company’s website.

Fogo de Chão Benefits

Qualifying full-time employees have the advantages of 401(K) retirement savings plans, coverage for dental, vision, medical, and life insurance, vacation days with pay, and discounts within the restaurant. Service positions also have the opportunity to earn service tips in addition to pay; with the higher average meal ticket, a percentage-based tip can be substantial. To embark on your career in Brazilian cuisine and service, submit your Fogo de Chão application today.


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