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Friendly’s Job Application Online

Friendly’s was started by Priestly and Curtis Blake in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and has blossomed into 505 locations nationwide. We, at Friendly’s, are a family focused business and our menu is designed to attract families of all sizes and hire people that enjoy sharing a friendly experience with them. Famous for its wide variety of great tasting ice cream, it is now equally known for its home-style meals. We, also, have a link to let our customer’s order online. If you like people and are a team player, you can start a new career with a Friendly’s online application for employment.

Friendly’s Jobs Available

With 505 locations across the nation, Friendly’s is always looking to add employees that desire to make customer satisfaction their first priority. To begin the process, submit a Friendly’s job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Friendly’s

The Friendly’s application form is open to anyone who is 16 years and older.

Friendly’s Store Hours

Friendly’s is open Sunday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until Midnight.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Friendly’s

  • Friendly’s only accepts a Friendly’s online application. Within about a week, selected candidates are called to begin the extensive interview process.  Expect to be interviewed by 4 to 5 different people. 
  • During the interviews, mention any previous experience you have in the food industry and what you would like to learn by working at Friendly’s rather than another place. 
  • Friendly’s seeks people with pleasant personalities and to have the best chance at being hired you will need to show your best smile, best handshake, and the use of “please” and “thank you”. 
  • Your personal hygiene and appearance are paid close attention to during your interviews.  Be sure to wear deodorant, clean and pressed clothes, button up shirts instead of t-shirts, and have clean hair and nails. 
  • Be ready to answer questions about your work ethic, availability and job skills.  For those just entering the work force with no experience, use specific examples of your school work ethic –“I only missed one day of school last year” or “my homework is always turned in on time”.  Have you set the table at Sunday dinner?  Or, helped wash dishes for your mother? 
  • Give examples of how you have helped a family or enjoy being around children.  Do you color with young children or make cookies with them?  Do you help the elderly lady down the street with her groceries or by shoveling snow in winter for her/him at no charge? 
  • If you have not received a call in two weeks, make time to go by the store where you applied and ask to speak to the shift manager for a few minutes.  The idea is to let the store know that you want the job.  So, go during slow hours and make your first impression count.

Most Common Positions At Friendly’s & Income Information

Hourly positions with Friendly’s include servers, Greeters, Dishwashers, Fountain Workers and other support production staff. You may find a new career by filling out a Friendly’s job application.

Friendly’s Benefits

Management benefits includes bonus, 401K, insurance plans and paid time off. Entry-level positions are hourly wages and offer flexible working schedules. Join the team with a Friendly’s application.


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