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Gold Star Chili Job Application Online

Gold Star Chili originally began as “Hamburger Heaven” in 1965. A few years later and wit the wise choice to create their own special niche, the Daoud brothers developed a pried Cincinnati chili and changed the name and menu. Cincinnati style chili is traditionally served over spaghetti pasta smothered with cheese. There are over 80 Gold Star Chili locations in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana with additional international locations in Bahrain, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. Gold Star Chili restaurants are family oriented encouraging its patrons to indulge in the flavors born in Cincinnati. Start with a Gold Star Chili online application for employment and open your future to a passionate career.

Gold Star Chili Jobs Available

Gold Star Chili is consistently hiring part-time entry-level team members for its fast food service. Part of each team member’s duties include cleaning the restaurant, cooking the menu items as directed by Gold Star recipes, and taking customer orders. With only a few exceptions, entry-level team members only need to be 16 years old to be considered for employment. People with more experience may find that the shift managers and supervisory positions are more to their needs. For any of the many opportunities available, submit a Gold Star Chili job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Gold Star Chili

The Gold Star Chili application form is open to candidates who are 16 years and older.

Gold Star Chili Store Hours

Because many of the stores are franchised operations, to find out the store hours in the location of your choice, it is best to call the individual store for that information.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Gold Star Chili

  • Click the application link on the website to read about training and job opportunities, and to access a Gold Star Chili online application for entry-level and management positions.
  • Standing out among the other job seekers is important to getting the job.  Knowing all you can about the company and what it does will give you one edge when it’s your turn for an interview.    When you go to your first interview, you’ll be able to turn in a Gold Star Chili job application form with confidence.
  • When you prepare for an interview, know what you want the employer to hear about you.  Some of the most important answers are those that give examples of what you have done in situations in the past.  Think about one time you solved a problem that helped someone else and that you take pride in.  Decide what you want to learn at this job and if you want to make a career for yourself or if it is just something to do.  Give examples of how you have worked with a team in your everyday life.

Most Common Positions At Gold Star Chili & Income Information

Part-time entry-level positions with Gold Star Chili are always available for team members. For professional corporate positions, there are a different set of requirements and Gold Star Chili encourages everyone to reach for the stars. Some employees are eligible to open their own franchise. The Gold Star Chili job application is the first step to beginning a new career.

Gold Star Chili Benefits

The typical benefits package includes career advancement opportunities, 401K, savings plans, and paid vacations. But, you can only get benefits by being hired and that chance begins when you join the team with a Gold Star Chili application.


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