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Hamburger Hamlet Job Application Online

First opened back in 1950 on Sunset Boulevard by Marilyn and Harry Lewis, Hamburger Hamlet has been serving up quality fare to celebrities for decades. Marilyn a famous dress designer and actor Harry Lewis wanted to provide a place where people could come and have quality dining in a casual atmosphere with excellent service. It was a huge success, and was packed nightly with celebrities. Over the next three decades it expanded across Southern California and Washington, DC. Hamburger Hamlet offers a VIP club and holds a fundraising event each year with local law enforcement to raise money for the Special Olympics. You can go on their website to find a Hamburger Hamlet job application if you want to join this great restaurant and team of people who are dedicated to great customer service.

Hamburger Hamlet Jobs Available

Hamburger Hamlet is looking to hire dedicated and caring staff to work together as a team to provide the best customer service possible to all of its patrons. Serving up quality food while keep the atmosphere casual is a main focus of this restaurant, and whether you choose a management position or a wait staff position, you will sure to find it a wonderful environment to work in. You can find a Hamburger Hamlet application form on the company’s website.

Minimum Employment Age At Hamburger Hamlet

If you are 18 years of age or older, you can find a Hamburger Hamlet online application at their main website.

Hamburger Hamlet Store Hours

You can go to the location tab on Hamburger Hamlet’s website to find the store nearest you and their contact information so that you can ask what their hours of operation are.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hamburger Hamlet

  • First visit Hamburger Hamlet’s website, and go to their careers tab. If you are looking to join their team in a management position, you can upload your resume right there on the website. If you are looking for an hourly position, you can find a Hamburger Hamlet online application for employment under the visiting the restaurant staff position tab and choosing the correct location.
  • It is a great idea that when visiting the Hamburger Hamlet website to find your Hamburger Hamlet job application form that you take the time to read about the company and learn all that you can about them. Knowing about the company and what they are looking for in their employees is a huge benefit when you do apply or have an interview.
  • After downloading and filling out your Hamburger Hamlet application, take it in to your nearest location to try and speak with a manager. Always remember to go in during a non-busy time of day. Making the mistake of going in the middle of a lunch rush will surely cost you any chance at a job!
  • Also make sure that you have a neat and clean appearance if you are going to go in to the restaurant to turn in your application.

Most Common Positions At Hamburger Hamlet & Income Information

There are several positions to choose from at Hamburger Hamlet. The management positions that they hire for include a restaurant manager and a kitchen manager. Their restaurant staff positions include hosts and hostesses, servers, bartenders, bussers, line and prep cooks and dishwashers. Visit their website to find a Hamburger Hamlet job application online. Income varies depending on the position you are hired for and your experience.

Hamburger Hamlet Benefits

Hamburger Hamlet offers its employees a wide range of benefits. They wish to provide an environment in which their employees have growth opportunities as well as incentives for doing good work. Their benefits include a medical, dental and 401k plan. They give paid vacation time, meal discounts, and performance-based bonuses.


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