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HomeTown Buffet Job Application Online

You can print out the HomeTown Buffet Application Form Here: HomeTown Buffet Application

HomeTown Buffet ApplicationThe HomeTown Buffet chain began in 1983 with a corporate philosophy of providing diners with everything they could want, from which philosophy stems the trademarked “Land of &” motto of the restaurant chain. “And,” for these restaurants, involves additional choices in food selection, additional enjoyment in the dining experience and additional customer service from the dedicated staff—everything this chain takes on, they intend to do above and beyond other restaurants. Service staff are encouraged to learn and use the names of regular customers, the buffet selections are high quality, and kept fresh rather than sitting on ice or under heat lamps, and the food selection of vegetables, grilled items, salad bar, and dessert bar are pleasing more than one hundred fifty million diners every year. If you’re up for the challenge of providing top service and food, you can turn in a HomeTown Buffet online application for employment today.

HomeTown Buffet Jobs Available

HomeTown Buffet locations regularly hire members to join the restaurant crews, including line cooks, prep cooks, bakers, food bar attendants, dishwashers, and servers. For restaurant crew positions or a job in corporate support, which includes logistical support positions to facilitate the restaurants’ operations. For any of these jobs you can search for and submit a HomeTown Buffet job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At HomeTown Buffet

The HomeTown Buffet application form is open to anyone who is at least sixteen years old.

HomeTown Buffet Store Hours

The “Locations and Hours” link at the top of the website’s home page will lead you to an interactive map which includes a search tool, driving directions, links to individual menus, and store hours of each location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With HomeTown Buffet

  • Click the “People and Careers” button at the top of the website to enter HomeTown Buffet’s online career center.  From there you can read about the company’s business and human resource philosophies, search for available jobs, and read about the various jobs and their requirements, as well as access and submit your own HomeTown Buffet online application.
  • The Career Center provides separate links for the different job categories; you can access HomeTown Buffet job application form for jobs on the restaurant crew, management positions, and positions with the corporate office.  When you click the button for the job category, you’ll be given a selection of links for specific jobs, with the descriptions and expectations associated with each position, and an application form.

Most Common Positions At HomeTown Buffet & Income Information

HomeTown Buffet specifically seeks employees who are willing to go the extra mile in providing customers with premier service and food. Hourly positions with the restaurant crews include line cooks, prep cooks, serving staff to keep the buffets stocked with food, dishwashers and bussers, cashiers, and servers. Management positions in each location are open to candidates with leadership skills who are motivated to build a career in the food service industry, beginning with the training and competitive salaries offered with the successful submission of a HomeTown Buffet job application. Additional career jobs can be found in corporate offices in support positions that include advertising, logistics and information handling, accounting, and area management.

HomeTown Buffet Benefits

Qualified employees with HomeTown Buffet are eligible for health coverage, retirement benefits, paid vacation, and competitive salaries. Join the team today with your HomeTown Buffet application.

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