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Houston’s Job Application Online

Houston’s restaurant had its debut in 1976, and has enjoyed the loyalty of diners for more than three decades, with its upscale menu and fine dining experience. The famous menu includes … Houston’s is renowned for its comprehensive training program for cooks and management staff, which is a benefit in its own right when it comes to building your career qualifications. Before being installed as a manager, a part of the training program is to take on job-experience in all of the restaurant roles which that trainee will eventually be supervising, including greeting guests and waiting tables, acting as bartender, working as a prep chef and line chef, and taking shifts in a managerial role. Your Houston’s online application for employment, followed by their famous training program, can truly set you up for a stellar career in the hospitality and food-service industry.

Houston’s Jobs Available

Houston’s restaurant jobs include positions at the corporate office such as accounting, advertising, information services, and logistical support; and in-restaurant jobs including kitchen staff (chefs, kitchen managers, line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, and bakers) and serving staff (table servers, greeting hosts, and bartenders) as well as overall restaurant managers. For any of these jobs, you’re invited to submit your Houston’s job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Houston’s

The Houston’s restaurants hire applicants eighteen and up; if you’re a legal adult you’re welcome to submit a Houston’s application form. Bartenders need to be of legal age to serve alcohol.

Houston’s Store Hours

The “Restaurants” link of the website takes you to a comprehensive listing of locations, where you can read about their individual menus and décor, as well as addresses and operating hours for each.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Houston’s

  • Click the “Careers” link on the website to read about the extensive training opportunities and available job openings, as well as the link to the Houston’s online application.
  • For some of the in-store positions like servers, bartenders, and cooks, you are requested to bring your Houston’s job application form to the restaurant in person.  This gives you the great opportunity of asking to meet with a manager and introducing yourself.  A firm handshake, winning smile, and tidy appearance go a long way in establishing yourself with a pleasant first impression which that manager will attach mentally to the name on your application.  It’s important that you make your introduction during hours that aren’t high-traffic dining hours, when the manager will more likely have a free moment to meet with you.

Most Common Positions At Houston’s & Income Information

The Careers area of the website provides links to the different areas of job opportunities, which include home office positions like systems support and accountants; positions within the individual restaurants like wait staff, bartenders, greeters, line cooks and prep cooks; and the salaried positions of kitchen management and restaurant management. Pay heed to the instructions for application; some of the positions have a ready-to-go online application, while others require you to deliver your Houston’s job application to the site in person.

Houston’s Benefits

One of the most notable benefits of employment with Houston’s restaurants is the extensive and exhaustive four-month paid training program for management staff. Not only is this a prestigious opportunity which adds a substantial positive addendum to your resume, it also sets the stage for you to advance within the Houston’s restaurant chain itself so complete a Houston’s application.


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