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Huddle House Job Application Online

With over four hundred restaurant locations, Huddle House is the result of a 1964 dream of a man who aimed to feed football fans after their games, and named his restaurant for the football team’s play-calling huddle. With its name intended to evoke the teamwork and camaraderie or the sporting environment, Huddle House has become more than just an after-game stop for its loyal returning patrons. For nearly half a century, Huddle House has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any time of day in its classic diner-environment at each location. Huddle House online application for employment.

Huddle House Jobs Available

With such an extensive chain of restaurants, Huddle House needs more than just restaurant staff to keep its cogs turning. Field Training Managers travel around the company to provide training and ensure consistency among locations; Distribution Center jobs involve warehouse and driving jobs; Restaurant General Managers oversee the entire operation of a single site, ensuring food quality, friendly service, cleanliness, and leadership of employees on the site. Each restaurant also needs the key people in cooking and service positions who prepare the menu items and make the friendly customer contacts with diners. The downloadable Huddle House job application online can be printed out for any of these jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Huddle House

The Huddle House application form is available to applicants sixteen years old and up.

Huddle House Store Hours

The map icon at the top right corner of the website, labeled “Restaurant Locator,” takes you to an interactive map and search bar where you can establish what locations are near you, and what hours those locations are open.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Huddle House

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the page to visit the online Career Center, where you can browse among open job positions, read about the career culture of Huddle House, and link to the Huddle House online application.
  • For onsite jobs like serving and cooking, the company suggests you download and print the Huddle House job application form, fill it out, and bring it to the restaurant where you’d like to apply.  This gives you the added bonus of making a personal impression on the manager when you deliver your application.
  • Some of the corporate-level jobs (general managers, regional trainers, and distribution centers) can be applied for by sending your resume via the link provided on the website.  Take the time to create and polish your professional resume, making sure it’s error-free and includes the elements of your own background and training that will make you stand out as a candidate for hire.

Most Common Positions At Huddle House & Income Information

You are invited to submit a Huddle House job application for positions serving or preparing food, managing individual restaurants or geographical regions of the franchise, training employees, providing support services at the corporate level, or facilitating movement of restaurant-related goods through the distribution centers. Management and training positions draw salaries, while many of the other positions are paid hourly.

Huddle House Benefits

Eligible full-time employees of Huddle House restaurants may qualify for benefit packages that include health, life, and disability insurance, vacation days and sick leave, and professional training which enhances your own resume while giving you the opportunity to move up in the Huddle House Corporation. Start it all now with a Huddle House application.


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