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IHOP Job Application Online

For those who are seeking to fill out a IHOP online application for employment, there is not a printable version of this form available. Interested parties can choose to fill out a IHOP job application online. It is just as easy to fill out a IHOP online application as it is to fill one out in person.

IHOP Jobs Available

There are many different jobs available at IHOP. There are both entry level and management positions available at IHOP. Applicants can choose to apply for a kitchen staff, wait staff, or management positions. Management positions include managers, payroll specialists, sales representatives, and customer service representatives. When filling out an IHOP job application form, be sure to clearly state which position you would like to be considered for. Part time and full time positions are both available.

Minimum Employment Age At IHOP

The minimum employment age at IHOP is sixteen years of age. For those who would like to be considered for management positions, an applicant needs to be at least eighteen years of age. If applicants do not meet these age requirements, they should not bother filling out an IHOP application form because they will not be considered for employment.

IHOP Store Hours

The hours of business for IHOP varies from place to place. Most locations are open twenty four hours a day, seven days out of the week. These hours of business make it easy for those wishing to fill out an IHOP job application form in person. There is not a bad time to stop by an IHOP to fill out an application to join the team.

Important Tips To Apply Online With IHOP

When filling out an IHOP application, you need to be sure to market your strong assets to the best of your ability. An application is the first impression that you have with a potential employer. You need to make sure that yours says something that makes it stand out in the crowd. Be sure to fill out all of the questions on the application. Do not leave any blanks on the application. Include any qualifications and information that proves to a potential employer that you are the right person for the job. If filling out an application by hand, be sure to write as neatly as possible. Show potential employers that you are a tidy and competent employee.

Most Common Positions At IHOP & Income Information

The most common positions that are available at IHOP are entry level positions. These positions include dishwashers, waitresses, host, and servers. Kitchen staff is also included in this category. Entry level positions usually are paid an hourly wage. Some entry level positions, like waitresses, receive tips as well as an hourly wage. Management positions, like assistant and general managers, are paid a base salary. These positions are less common as well.

IHOP Benefits

For qualified employees at IHOP, there are many benefits to be reaped. Qualified employees can receive 401K retirement plans, healthcare insurance, life insurance, and paid vacations as well. Vision and dental benefits are include in the healthcare benefits package. Flexible schedules and competitive rates of pay are other things that IHOP employees can expect. Wellness benefits are also offered at IHOP.


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9 Responses to IHOP Application

  • Debra Adama says:

    Would like to work for IHop as a server. Heard so many great things and I think I would be an asset to the company

  • jessica a smith says:

    I would love to work for IHOP. I have over a year in experience as a server. I am so friendly and love to be around people.

  • Armetrice Harris says:

    I would love to be apart of IHOP.

  • Armetrice Harris says:

    I would love to be apart IHOP. I love the food so much and I think that I would be good at it I work For Century High School and work in the kithen serving food clean up stocking the food and unloading the food off the truck so I would love to work at IHOP

  • juan flores says:

    it si one of my bigest wishes to work for i hop.I have 24 years experience in restaurant bussines.i Im very effective and efficient . freindlyand easy to treat

  • lalissa delacerda says:

    I have plenty of experience with I hop …..I’ ve worked at the one on Spencer hwy in pasadena tx I’m a realy nice girl I get along with everyone I’m a people person ..I’m 25 years of age and I have no kids I have a car and willing to work holidays and weekends I won’t let you down ……….thank you for taken time to read this have a bless day

  • Michelle Benson says:

    I heard so many great things about ihop resturant.I have over two years experience.I am a person to get alone withand love to work around people.That’s why I would love to work for IHOP.

  • Glaiza D.Latuna says:

    i would like to work IHOP as a server or cashier i have 7 years in experience in one company until now am willing to learn more and share my experience as needed being cashier and server in your restaurant.willing to work closing time.

  • Anita says:

    would love to work for i hop as a waitress/ good ref / worked at penelopes in branson mo. and for the plantation restarunt in cleveland ,tx and a few others. Love people

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